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lotto purchases today


Last Edited: March 30, 2009, 9:02 pm


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Well the randomizer put me on an acoustic piano piece. plus i went to a jazz concert last night here in seattle at Jazz alley. i got to see George Duke keyboard player and singer. it was a good thing to do last night and i was glad i was there. i think i am going to go next weekend too to see Stanley Clarke the jazz bass player and more. i think i will be taking in a few more concerts in the weeks to come. suffer suffer suffer is all we do lately. well i want to pull my head above the water and breathe.

well i invested my money in a hotel room from last year and i will spend a night in lewsiton idaho. maybe if i have some more time and a cheap place to stay i will spend another night on the road. you just can't do too much with less than 300 dollars to spend on lotto vacation. yes last year was just not that good a year. all my big hits came from canada and i couldn't even get the checks cashed here last year. so we are off to on a road trip the wife and i in 2 weekends. take what little we have from playing the lotto all last year and just enjoy washington and idaho. the economy dictates that we be a whole lot more frugal.

well i missed some transactions so i will have to give you some hightlights.

i still have not sent off for my check from new york state. i need to do that and i think i will be doing that after this. afterwards i have to clean the bathroom. yecch.

what i have in my wallet are losers and winners. yes i keep winning but millions.

i had a 3 dollar winner on a 10 dollar wa lotto ticket.

i also have a 5 drawing loser on the wa lotto.

i also have a 1 dollar loser on an exchange ticket for mega millions. i mistakenly checked this ticket and earlier and i had a winner. they gave me my 3 dollar cash for this ticket and since i had more drawings i got an exchange ticket.

also in my wallet is my receipt from canada for my super 7 ticket that ran out in this month. the canadians were nice enough to mail my 2 dollar winning check to me. oh yes i have no place to cash it again. just another excuse to go to canada. love the country. i just purchased today a 10 drawing wa lotto ticket. wish me luck.

now the overview with what i can recollect.

the last time mega million went over 100 million i started purchasing extra tickets every drawing. i forgot how high it went before someone hit it but i was buying 10 drawing tickets every drawing past 100 million. i figured it can't hurt. i wish i could do that for powerball now. i got my tickets for that so more about that in a minute.

Getting back to the exchange ticket above. well i was on my way to oregon with my friend to get a powerball ticket. we were joking around in some store where i had the lady check my ticket and it cashed me out. i was just trying to check it not realizing i had more drawings on it. he got some more wa megamillion tickets and we were on our way south.

we got to oregon and i purchase a 26 drawing powerball ticket with power play. plus i purchased a 26 drawing ticket for the megabucks lotto there too. now i did not need another powerball ticket because i already had one but what the heck. i was in oregon and i purchased a lotto ticket. the powerball ticket is going to run out late may and the megabucks ticket sometime in april. i don't know and i don't care right now. i got the tickets. powerball is over 100 million now. whew.

well i did make the trip to florida and i came hunting for bear. i purchased a 52 drawing powerball ticket with powerplay and it is good until september sometime. i also purchased a 52 drawing ticket for the florida lottery with the piggyback prize. which put that one ticket about 156 dollars. the piggyback prize is 68 million. oh to win that or the powerball grand prize. momma.

well i had to drop my niece off at the airport and drive back to jacksonville. i stood outside the terminal and saw a couple of the delta employees having a smoke break. i asked how far was it to the georgia line from here. the one lady asked me what i wanted to do at exit one and i told her i wanted a lotto ticket. the guy told me to get off on exit one and go left to the hess gas station. he said he used to make that run a lot but not anymore since powerball came to florida. we smiled and off i went. i went tot he hess station and got a 10 drawing ticket for the megamillions there too. so right now i am heavy into megamillion. hey i will take 2nd place.

going through the airport in houston i picked up some slips for the texas lottery. i am going to fill them out and send them to my cousin who said that he would purchase some tickets for me. i just need to get around to filling out the paperwork for him. i lost my new york connection and hoping that i can get a steady texas connection for megamillion.

as metioned above i am headed to idaho. i will be picking up lotto tickets there for powerball too. maybe it will keep climbing until i get there. if not i will have 2 tickets in play by the time i get there. one of my oregon powerball tickets is coming due next wednesday. Poppa needs to pay some bills so powerball come through for me.

well the hour is getting late and the caffeine is wearing off. i still need to clean the bathroom and mail my new york ticket off. so wish me luck. i could use some.

mister mega and mister power please shine a little light on me with some cashola. 10 grand would be just grand. Big Smile

PS i am in the top 3 jackpots worldwide right now.


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