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The KACHING Report 4/10 + Update on foot and printer problems



3 $3 winners ($2 + $1, $3, and 3 x $1) on 3 $2 Aladdin's Lamp

3 free tickets on 3 $1 Crazy 7s

$3 ($3) and a free ticket on 2 $2 Georgia Jackpot

$5 loss


Free ticket on $1 Crazy 7s

$24 (Triple Cherry $6 + 3 x $2) on $2 Cherry Twist*

$12 (Triple Orange $2 + $6) on $2 Orange Twist*

$3 ($2 + $1) on $2 Aladdin's Lamp

$20 profit (* = back-to-back)

I didn't buy many tickets this week because I just flat out didn't feel like getting out and getting some with the way my left foot was going.

I did go to the foot doctor yesterday.......I'm flat footed and that (IIRC from what the foot doctor said) had something to do with my pain.  My left foot was twisted abnormally and when he tried to twist it to the "normal" position, I felt pain in the same exact spot where I've been feeling it for a week and a half (albeit not as bad....probably because I didn't have to work yesterday and the pain got aggravated while at work).  He gave me some arch supports and an ankle brace and told me to try that for a few weeks and come back.  (He mentioned some other stuff about my left foot and used terms that I still probably couldn't pronounce....)  I do feel a noticable improvement to the point where I'm able to walk around pretty much just fine.

Ok, about the printer deal.....

I followed konane's suggestion to download Open Office.  I did that and printed the same exact document.....and got the same exact cut off lines.  I followed another commented suggestion to convert it to a PDF file (using Open Office to do it).  It printed off ALMOST perfectly.  There were only 2 lines that tried to have the characters chopped off (one was the same line from the previous problems....the other was a different line); however, instead of a full cut off, the very top (not too far down on the character) of the character is a very light gray color.  If anyone wants to see this particular copy, I'll scan it and upload it and let you see what I'm talking about.  This problem is just flat out baffling me.

Until next time, may you win lots of loot and if you have any pain, may it get better and eventually go away. Smile

Entry #121


konaneComment by konane - April 10, 2009, 5:05 pm
Great to hear your foot is improved, wishes for a complete recovery to normal soon.

Solution for printer, open window, lift printer and heave out window, close window and smile!!! Been through printer problems myself, finally got the cheapest HP all in one Costco had and lucked out so far except for ink cost. [big frown]

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