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lotto purchases today


hello from new joisey. new joisey is a funny state to buy lotto tickets. i pull over at this store to buy me some tickets. i tell the young lady that lets do this slowly. i want 1 megamillion ticket/quick pick/and for 8 draws. not a problem! i tell her now i want a new jersey lotto ticket for 2 dollars/quick pick/and for 8 drawings. the little lady gives me a another megamillion ticket. i said no i want a new jersey lotto ticket. she says that is a new jersey lotto ticket. i tell her it is not a new jersey lotto ticket but a megamillion ticket. by now she has taken my money and gave me my change back. she goes on to say that here we call that the new jersey lotto ticket and i tell her i am not from here and that is not a new jersey lotto ticket. she then tells me that she has rung it up and she can't give me my money back. i tell her ok what is the manager number because i didn't ask for a megamillion ticket and i am not paying for  megamillion ticket. she comes out from behind the counter in a huff and goes outside to talk to a coworker. then she comes back inside and says what do you want the pick 6 or the cash 5. i turned the spinning tray with the slips and grabbed a pick 6 ticket. i filled out the same way that i asked for it again and gave her the ticket. while i was doing this she was telling me that she was going to have to buy this ticket. i was thinking you should have paid attention when i said new jersey and not megamillion. well she printed up my ticket and i left the store and made sure it was a pick 6 ticket.

i get to my cousin's house and ask his daughter what she feels is the new jersey lotto. she too mentioned the megamillion lotto. i am thinking what is going on with this state? i was here back in april and did the same thing and the person gave me two megamillion tickets. there too i asked for new jersey lotto ticket. what is wrong with these people. i go to oregon, texas, virginia, or washington and ask for the state lottery i get it. well not va anymore but i did before lotto south. i am sorry she had to eat that ticket but she didn't listen. i was not about to eat a ticket i didn't want. maybe she will be lucky and win the 100 million. i already had a megamillion ticket for 25 drawings from new york and i didn't want more.

i get to PA to get me another long powerball ticket but it kept coming up out of range. i mean dayum they cut it off already. i thought the change over was not going to happen until september. i could have gotten 20 drawings out of them but no. i could only get 10 drawings in a row. so i took off to explore the poconos. nice and scenic.

so far 1 25 drawing megamillion from ny, 1 2 drawing lotto from ny, 1 10 drawing powerball from pa, 1 8 drawing megamillion from nj/ and 1 2 dollar drawing for 8 drawing for the new joisey lotto.


may i win some money again.

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