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The KACHING Report 4/24



2 free tickets and $4 ($2 + 2 x $1) on some $1 Pirate's Gold

$25 ($25) on $20 World Class Millions

$1 profit


$25 ($15 + $10) on $10 Extreme Green

$5 profit


$10 (2 x $5), $15 (5 x $3), and a free ticket on 3 $5 Bass Pro Shops $250,000 Cash Aventure

$15 profit


Here's a YouTube video of Thursday.


On Friday, something good happened.  I went out shopping with my mom.  She decided to change her mind at the last second and go to the Goodwill in the same shopping center as my favorite lotto place.  Well, I had called the tobacco mart (the one that forgot to renew its lottery license and had to quit selling tickets while they went through the process to get it back) last week and they said it'd be about another week before they'd be selling tickets again.  We get down there and I head on down there to see if they're selling tickets.  Well.......they were!  SLOW PLAYING IS BACK!!!!!!!!! Hyper

Here we go with today's slow playing:

Free ticket and $3 ($2 + $1) on 2 $1 Pirate's Gold

$3 on $1 Crazy 7s

$3 (3 x $1) on $2 Aladdin's Lamp

3 free tickets and $10 (Mom $1) on some $3 Happy Mother's Day

(last second before I left purchase) $25 ($10 + 3 x $5) and $20 ($15 + $5) on 2 $10 Extreme Green

Friday other places:

$10 (2 x $5) on $5 $500,000 Hold 'Em Poker

2 free tickets on 2 $2 10X The Money

$29 profit

Well, it was a decent week!  I'm glad my slow playing haven is back up and running again!

Until next time, may you win lots of dough at your favorite lottery place. Big Grin

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