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Dirty Habits and the Deadly Flu


Hello Lottery Post Members,

I need help and advice on something that has been bugging me for awhile now.

I take food safety very seriously, having food poisoning twice, once it nearly killed me.

The supermarkets use the same shopping carts to empty the trash containers in the parking lots that you use to shop for food with.   I worked retail and begged my store manager to stop this practice years ago.   Imagine doing your food shopping and using that nasty trash can in the parking lot and at the entrance to put your food in while you shop.  Same thing.  Ever take a look at some of the shopping carts that you use?  Why are they so dirty?  And why now do markets supply wipes at the entrance?

Wipes won't do, we need to write our lawmakers and have them pass a law that they can not use the shopping carts for trash removal.  Period.  They make food handlers wear gloves to handle food, but you take that deli cold cuts wrapped in plastic and place it in your dirty cart, when you get home the cold cuts go into your refrigerator pronto to keep it fresh.  You are transferring deadly germs from the shopping cart to your refrigerator and cupboards.  I won't get graphic, your imagination will do.

With this new strain of flu, it has the avian flu combined with the swine flu.  As you know I have been sick with the flu for almost two months, I have tried to use my natural antibodies to kill whatever is making me sick.  No, I didn't get the flu shot this past winter, was too busy taking care of my sister post-operation.  I know I was run down, and it took hold.   Yes, I do believe that my body can kill anything that invades it.

Do like I do now, line the shopping cart with the sale circulars so your food don't touch the shopping carts, use the wipes on the handles to get the dirt and germs off of it and you'll be amazed how much dirt comes off of those handles, make a complaint to the store managers, if you see food in the bagged ice machine complain and don't buy the ice, and ask the manager not to use the shopping carts for trash that you have to put your food in.

And remember to wash your hands when you return home.  I also remove my shoes when I enter the house.  This flu I have been tracking for three years now, and its no joke, we are due for a pandemic and by fall and winter you'll see what I'm alarmed about. 

Something got me so sick that its taking forever to get over it.  I will get over it and I'll have a stronger fighting machine for this new bug.

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konaneComment by konane - April 26, 2009, 12:46 pm
Very sorry you've been so ill. Have you had the doctor check you for a secondary infection as these can set in and if left without treatment can cause pneumonia or other organ damage? Also have you been checked for allergies? Have allergies, have dealt with them with my son and been told that excess mucous secretions which accompany some allergies can be a ripe breeding ground for bacteria growth. Have observed that excellent advice and haven't had to go to the doctor for flu in well over 30 years.

Publix in this area uses a special cart to move garbage bags, they also supply hand wipes in the store. Have seen checkouts use wipes on grocery conveyor areas, so seem very tuned into being careful. Not sure what other grocery stores provide.

Check into "Wet Ones" antibacterial wipes to keep in your car. Publix and WallyWorld both have them .... I keep a canister in my vehicle.   

Perhaps you might contact a local tv station which will likely be doing some segments on swine flu prevention. Removing trash in regular buggies would provide a good "gotcha" segment for a news report. :-]

Hope you're completely well very soon!!!!!
KaptainessComment by Kaptainess - April 26, 2009, 12:52 pm
Good idea!! News at 11:00!!!
lottolaughsComment by lottolaughs - May 18, 2009, 12:22 pm
Thank you for the information. The store I go to does have the wipes but I've never noticed them looking dirty. Frequently I see some sort of a "cart washing" truck in the parking lot and the carts being powerwashed so I don't feel too unsafe,lol. But who can feel safe with anything nowadays? I'm with konane, keep Wet Ones everywhere! They're in my car, house,purse. It's one thing I won't leave home without. Anytime you touch money or are in any type of store or after pumping gas, don't touch your face or mouth,that's a good rule of thumb.
That is awful about your food poisioning and flu,so sorry to hear that. When you work in "behind the scenes" kind of jobs like you did in retail and I in restaurants it's frightening to see what goes on out there. I hardly ever go out to eat anymore. Just the thought of strangers handling my food, uck! When you have to post signs in employees bathrooms telling them to wash their hands in hot water after using the restroom there's something wrong there,haha. Instead they should post a big "BEWARE OF THIS RESTAURANT" sign outside.
Take care and hope you and your sister are doing better!

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