Silver, a Tabu subject, but good to read about.



If you are sick, seek medical attention!

I am not a Medical Doctor, I only post links and or info that I find, unless I say otherwise.

I don't diagnose, nor prescribe, nor treat.


If you read anything here at all, then it might be best if you
Read everything here, as it is better to know too much than not enough.

Read and do whatever at your very own risk, if more info is needed use a search engine.

Don't ask me any questions about this particular subject as I won't answer them, it is a kind of Tabu thing.

There is more than enough info about it on the Web, just look for it, to get you started here I have some links:

-----------Copy and paste into the browser's window, you should know how by now. Some are clickable links.

You know how to download, Right? Right Click and Save As, or whatever.


I post this, only to pass information that it is on the Web, that you might not know about.

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