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People should get familiar with lottery patterns, that is with lottery random, otherwise How can you predict? and How to tell if a game is as it should (Random) or not (Fixed).

Of late I have been looking a lot more often and close than before at the Tx pick 3 draws (Both of them).

On and off I have looked at pick 3 draws for many years not just at the Tx draws, but at draws of most states and even at those of a few other countries, at one time for quite a while I made pick 3 predictions for all the U.S states that had pick 3 at the time, in order to do that I had to look at their pick 3 history of draws, as I said before somewhere, random or what appears to be random which is closer to being right is always the same, that is if the mechanics that produce the numbers are the same, but as it turns out, that does not appear to count as much as the make up of the game(s), that is that even numbers and their patterns as produced by RNG(s) are the same as those produced by mechanical means, due to the make up of the game, the make up of the game seems to determine the random make up of the numbers and their patterns.

There are movements, variations, changes or whatever you want to call them, but there are limits, changing limits yes, but limits, there are things that you can learn about as you study the numbers.

These things have to do with statistical probabilities, what is more likely to happen and how often it might be likely to happen or repeat or not.


For example:

             05/02/2009     1     6     1   
      05/01/2009     6     3     1              05/01/2009     3     5     9   
      04/30/2009     0     0     1              04/30/2009     3     0     7   
      04/29/2009     8     8     1              04/29/2009     3     4     8   
      04/28/2009     5     2     1              04/28/2009     3     3     2   
      04/27/2009     5     8     1              04/27/2009     3     4     6   
      04/25/2009     5     8     1              04/25/2009     3     4     4   
      04/24/2009     0     5     1              04/24/2009     3     4     7   
      04/23/2009     3     7     1              04/23/2009     3     9     2   
      04/22/2009     0     5     1              04/22/2009     3     9     3

See all the 1s and the 3s by position? Would that be likely to happen by random chance?

Not very likely.

Could that happen, yes, but very very very very seldom, if you would see that happening often or even once in a long while, then you would know that something was wrong, that the game was not random.

Remember when TN had no doubles in their pick 3 game for quite a long while, but the Tn lottery people thought that it was O.K. that random could do that?

That shows you that even those who run the lotteries have no idea of how normal random looks like, that is that they can't tell normal random from abnormal random (Not Random. 

They run the lotteries, but they are not lottery experts.

They know just as much about lottery random as anybody on the street, that is, next to nothing.

Do those who know a lot of Math know anything or much about random or lottery random?

It looks as if most of them don't, but they do think that they know all or a lot about it.

They can't even win on the pick 3 game, they say that random can't be predicted.

There are flexible limits to how well or accurate random and in which way or ways it can be predicted, but still if done right by the few experts, it can to some degree beat random expectation.

Who can make a one pick 3 number (3 Digits) prediction boxed or straight and be right and How often can he or she do it?

It has happened I have seen it more than once, but they could not do it very often, not at all, I only remember seeing it once, but I think that I have seen it at least 2 times maybe 3 or 4 times.

I don't think that I have ever done that myself, more often than not I predicted from 18 numbers up to about 45.

40 singles are the equal of 240 straights that is 24% chance of winning.

So 80 singles would only give you about 48% chance of winning.

Those who predict 1 straight pick 3 number as that lady did and win, have only 1/1000 chance of winning, she could not repeat that here ar the Lottery post, but even 50 such predictions would only give 50/1000 = 5/100 = 1/20 chance of winning and I don't think that she tried more than 10 or 15 times at the most.

But she got it on her very first prediction.

And knowing the Tx Lottery as I do, that is no surprise to me.

I know that they do have somebody looking at the Tx predictions here at L.P.

I see the reaction to the actions, have seen it for years.


These are the very last Tx pick 3 draws, "funny" (Wrong) looking, as they are now (Have been for a very long long time) more often than not.

     05/02/2009     1     6     3     10
     05/01/2009     6     3     1     10         05/01/2009     3     5     9     17
     04/30/2009     0     0     1     1          04/30/2009     3     0     7     10
     04/29/2009     8     8     2     18         04/29/2009     4     4     8     16
     04/28/2009     5     2     1     8          04/28/2009     8     3     2     13
     04/27/2009     5     8     9     22         04/27/2009     9     4     6     19
     04/25/2009     5     8     4     17         04/25/2009     5     4     4     13
     04/24/2009     0     5     2     7          04/24/2009     1     4     7     12
     04/23/2009     3     7     6     16         04/23/2009     8     9     2     19
     04/22/2009     0     5     9     14         04/22/2009     9     9     3     21


If you can play any state online very good for you, as you then can pick whichever game looks best.

The Tx pick 3 games are so wrong looking in so very many ways.

This is now a set thing for the most part.

If you can still win it as it is, then good for you.

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