UpDate to the very last blog post.


May 5,  2009    4-9-4        3-1-3   
May 4,  2009    4-5-4        6-4-1   
May 2,  2009    1-6-3        8-6-4   
May 1,  2009    6-3-1        3-5-9

Well, I guess that this re-states what I said on the very last blog entry.

This is just something extra for those who didn't believe what I posted there.

Am I just seeing what I want to see or is the stuff really there?

Do state lotteries really have to go to such trouble to keep a few more people from winning (Very few)?

Hey, A Dollar is a Dollar! And every Dollar counts!

No wonder that they don't want people playing online.

Monopolies are good for those who hold them.

But I see no reason for such crazy patterns showing up ever, after all the lottery sales stop with more than enought time before the draws, all they have to do is pick the number that was bought the least times.

I don't understand the logic of this, if there is any at all.

It does not make any sense at all.

All that I know for sure is that random should not work in that way, so there is something wrong with the way that Tx hold the lottery draws or at least the pick 3 draws.

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