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The KACHING Report 5/15


Saturday slow playing:

$8 (2 x $4) on $5 Red White & Blue 7s

2 free tickets on 2 $2 Cashword II

Saturday other places:

They're here.

Highlight the blank line below to see the profit/loss after the slow playing and the video.

$26 loss


$7 (Mega $1 + 2 x $1) on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

2 free tickets on 2 $5 Red White & Blue 7s

The others are here.  Highlight blank line below for overall profit/loss.

$24 loss


$8 ($8) and $15 (7 $2 + $5) on 2 $5 Red White & Blue 7s

$13 profit


Free ticket on $10 Extreme Green

$10 loss


$8 (2 x $4) on $5 Red White & Blue 7s

$3 ($3) on $2 Aladdin's Lamp

Free ticket on $3 Lucky Gold

$15 (3 x $5) on $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks

Some more are here.  Highlight blank line for profit/loss overall.

$19 loss


$15 ($10 + $5) on $5 Red White & Blue 7s

Free ticket on $10 Extreme Green

Free ticket on $2 10X The Money

$5 (5 x $1) on $3 Lucky Gold

Free ticket on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

$2 (2 x $1) on $1 Pirate's Gold

$3 loss

There's not going to be any slow playing tomorrow nor next week (unless something unexpected happens).  Tomorrow, I'm going somewhere else with my mom for shopping and next Saturday...someone in my family graduates high school and I'm going to their graduation.

Until next time, may you win lots of dough. Smile

Oh, by the way.....I learned something from someone at the bottle shop that I buy tickets before I go into work...one of the new games coming to GA next week (they get flyers every month or so talking about upcoming games) is a type of game that I haven't seen GA have in several years.......a "get 3 like amounts and win that amount, get 2 like amounts and a (symbol) symbol and win triple that amount"-type game.  I can't wait to see those again. Smile

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