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Die Hard Multi-Lottery Pool #3


Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.

- Mary Kay Ash

The Die Hard Multi-Lottery Pool III is doing real well. I thought last night was going to be it. The only thing we had left was Texas Two-Step tickets. But we had over 40 tickets in the drawing.

The Jack Pot wasn’t much, it was only $200,000. Someone from Duncanville had won the $875,000.00 from the previous drawing.

My Die Hard game runs differently than my Mega Million Lotto Pool. The Die Hard people pay me a monthly due of $10.00. I use the money to buy additional tickets for the game, so we never run out.

This game does Cash Five, Texas Two-Step and Lotto Texas. We have in the past done Mega Million, and we still can do that game, but I don’t like to include Mega Million in this game because my Mega Million Lotto Pool has 26 people. If Die Hard won, and they didn’t they would never understand.

All of our tickets expired last night. I knew we had the bonus ball, so I figure that we won $5.00. There were too many tickets to check by hand or even on the computer. I just came back from Kroger and we won $12.00 on our last draw!

0 of 4 + BB

$ 5


12 - 18 - 24 - 34 (9)

1 of 4 + BB

$ 7


12 - 18 - 24 - 34 (9)

I chose to get 6 Texas Two-Step tickets in two draws, so this game is extended until July 21st, 2005.

Some interesting facts: Did you know that all of last night’s winning came from the same ticket, two different lines. Did you know that again you profit from my mistake. I had accidentally picked 09 as our bonus ball twice. Nine was drawn for the bonus ball, so we were paid twice. Did you know that the ticket we won on was the $5.00 ticket I had brought us earlier this week, it was from your $5.00 winnings we had before.

I give my members weekly updates on how they are doing. Did you know that this last update was the 10th one, and I have only given them two updates without tickets? That means that 8 updates have had tickets attached to them?

So what have we learn? One, mistakes paid off. Two, turning winnings back into tickets equals more winnings!! So now we have 6 lines for the next two drawings in Texas Two-Step!

I had 11 members in this pool, but only five people paid their June 30th dues, so I can assume that I lost six people.

I do NOT overlap games in Die-Hard like I do in Mega Million. So Game III will need to die before I can start Game IV.

Because of my Mega Million Lottery Pool tends to collect money on the 15th of the month. I changed the due date of this game to the 30th of each month. That was a big mistake. I had a hard time collecting dues.

I know that I will be losing at least two members, so on Sunday I will begin to canvass for new members for this Lottery Pool.

Because of our new tickets this game is extended until Thursday July 21st, 2005 Game IV can not start until Friday July 22nd, 2005. Now if we have any wins this game will continue.

Regardless of whether or not I get new people if there are no wins from this game, I will start Game IV immediately on Friday July 22nd, 2005.

Michael E. Porter



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