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The KACHING Report 5/29 + More About the Detailed Odds Stuff + An Idea I've Come Up With


Last Edited: May 29, 2009, 9:54 pm

The only 2 days I played this week for the KACHING Report, Wednesday and Thursday, are both YouTube videos.  I'm (kinda) cutting back a little so I can save up for a trip to Myrtle Beach I'm taking in August.

About the detailed odds stuff.....sorry if I disappointed you with my title of my last blog post.  I was just flat out excited to finally get the detailed odds from the GA Lottery (even if it's only 7 games right now and the rest on the way in the "coming days").  As Tenaj said in a comment, sometimes getting info from a lottery HQ is like pulling teeth.

Originally, when I offered to share the detailed odds information with others, I was talking about PMing me with your email address and I'd send it to ya.  I understand some people may not trust me with their email address, so I'm thinking about doing something that the head bottlewasher himself (Todd) might like.....

....I'm very highly considering upgrading my account to a Gold account for $4.95 a month.  If I do, I'll probably do month-to-month until I get comfortable with all the new features....and if I like 'em, I may upgrade to 6 months or a year and save some dough.  If I do, I'd probably just upload my Excel sheet there (in the web space that you get with a paid membership) and let you download it at your own will (and I'll update it on occasion whenever I get new detailed odds on games or update the sheet with the overall odds on all games along with the number of top prizes remaining).

Edit:  Change that.....I just did upgrade to a Gold account (for 1 month right now....may do 6-month or a year if I like the extra stuff here).  Now I'm waiting patiently for Todd to perform the upgrade to my account. Smile

Until next time, may you win lots of goodies and may getting information from your lottery be painless and not be like pulling teeth. Smile

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