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Blog ReOpened! Free Commercial Software and Blending Featured on This Post.


Softwares give-aways:



I get more or less good software from there for free.

Don't download and install just any software give away that they give (1 per Day), wait some and then first read the reviews of the particular software to see if it is really good or not and also to see if there are better freeware alternatives or not, many times you are better off getting the freeware alternatives as some are even better than the commercial softwares, but not always, often they give away very good commercial softwares for which there are not very good software alternatives.

As to the games give-aways, I don't know as I don't download any of those myself.

Read the reviews of the softwares present and past, as people sometimes post on them very good alternatives to the commercial softwares that often are much better, I get good softwares both ways.


Now Blending for nutrition and health:

I am not allowed to post those links, so instead use Google:


To search for them.

First Look for:

Living Well My HealthMaster

As your search terms.

Then in the same way look for:

BlindGuru's Co-op - Home Page

There you just want to read about blending and about the best blenders to use.

The rest of the stuff, might be best to bypass and not read, among all the Junk there the good stuff is to find out about the best blenders to use and about blending itself, you might not one to read about anything else there, unless you want to.

Blendtec TotalBlender


Take a look at the videos.


Waring Commercial Extreme MX1000XT Part Number: MX1000XTS Best price from everythingkitchens

All power blenders are very expensive, so do your research very well before you try to buy any of them.

They have different power and speed and also prices.

Really look at those videos that I posted a link to.


Juicing or Blending? A combination of both might be best, juicers are so much cheaper than power blenders, if you juice don't throw the produced pulp away, make foods with it, either as it is and or with water, liquid other foods or juice or in whatever way, put it in a blender with liquid of some kind or whater or juice and make soup with it or drink it raw as it is or in both ways, but don't trow the pulp away, if it is very hard to eat or drink as it is, put it in a blender with water or juice, blend and then either drink it as it is or make soup or wahtever with it.

Don't trow most seeds away, instead blend and or pulverize them and drink and or add them to foods or water or juice.

Don't peel organic produce, fruits or vegetables, wash them well and then blend and or use them as they are whole.

If not organic, wash them well and don't peel them or wash and peel them first, most important nutrients are in the peels and just below the peels and also in the center of the fruit and in the seeds.

As such, most best nutrients in potatoes are probably in the peel and just below it, same with other produce, such as cauntelopes, oranges, lemons etc, very powerfull antioxidants are in the seeds of all kinds of vegetables, such as grapes, apples, strawberries etc.

Yes, you can mix some or very many or all vegetables and fruits when juicing and or blending, together they give better taste and nutrition.

The juice from juicers and blenders is not like anything that you buy at the store, it is incredibly good.

Good reading are:

Heinerman's new encyclopedia of fruits and vegetables by John Heinerman.

Heinerman's encyclopedia of healing juices.

The Juiceman's Power Of Juicing.

Celebrating 90 plus years of Healthy Living by Jack LaLanne.

Healing Juices from Globe Digest Series.

Blending Magic by Bernard Jensen.

Make Your Juicer Your Drug Store by Dr.L. Newman.

Acid and Alkaline by Herman Aihara

There are many other books beside those.








With the right blender you can grind seeds and nuts, for making whatever you want to, such as breads, cakes, nut's milk, drinks etc.

More on juicing and blending at another time.

Well, that is all for this blog entry.

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LANTERNComment by LANTERN - July 7, 2009, 2:55 pm

Will it Blend? Diamonds.

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