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The Nutty President? OUTRAGED!!


I recently heard that the President Obama want to install devices on our PERSONAL vehicles to monitor and tax for each mile we drive.  IS HE NUTS???  How evasive that!!!   I went along with him until this crap came up in the news.  How dare he thinks that we would want to have a device on our vehicles!!  Who is going to pay for this device?  And WHY should the American public would not vote this Joker out the next election is beyond me!!  I am truly OUTRAGED!!  I'm angry, I'm mad, and I am going to write my representatives and give them a piece of my mind over this.
What if the CIA, FBI or Secrete Service wants to ''add'' a module to keep track of us in that device and who is to stop them???  There are many things that can be added to this device, like a listening module on our private conversations in the vehicle.  What if the device does damage, catches on fire, who is going to be responsible for the damage?  God help us if this action against the American public goes through.  What they don't get enough taxes from  us from  the pump at the gas station that they will have to also tax every mile we drive?  They wanted us to buy smaller, more efficient cars and so now they want to tax the miles because we don't have to buy as much gas?  I don't get it.  I think its time we STAND UP and FIGHT this. 
Write, call, do what you can to fight this device from being installed on your own vehicle!!!
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pepper1Comment by pepper1 - July 11, 2009, 1:12 am
My husband seem to think that is what they're doing to T.V. so that they can see what we're doing in our home. Don't worry tax on personal vehicles will never happen, but they will find another way.
Rick GComment by Rick G - July 11, 2009, 8:45 am
This is all part of the cap and trade carbon trading scam. Call your senators; the House already passed the bill and it's in the senate now. This bill is based on the man-made global change fairy tale which has been scientifically disproven. 30,000 scientists are suing Al Gore for fraud because of it. If that case ever makes it to trial we may finally put an end to the inconvenient LIE.

It's estimated this bill would cost the average household $700/yr. Gas prices will go up .75 to $1 per gal. In this economic climate it will be a death blow for any hopes of recovery.
Comment by wiltay - July 11, 2009, 10:17 am
Are you sure it's true? If you didn't hear him say it I wouldn't believe it. You know the media. They never tell the truth. That's invasiion of privacy, however,
something like that is coming one day. They already can track us from state-to-state through city cameras and toll booths. Big brother has been watching for years. We have no privacy, even before Obama. It will get worse. One world order is on its way. Read the Illuminati book 1 and 2 by William Josiah.
konaneComment by konane - July 11, 2009, 11:29 am
Read the same thing, Obama may not say it but his (s)elected minions will and guaranteed to ram it through even as a rider on a bill if we fail to become politically active and contact them en-masse.

Welcome to fascism. That's why I've been on my soapbox for a few years about what's happening .... I saw and felt it coming .... but have been written off as a conspiracy theorist or fright monger until now when the grand plan is too obvious to ignore. It's 11:59 and the clock's ticking.
KaptainessComment by Kaptainess - July 11, 2009, 12:48 pm
Yes, its true. I keep KYW news radio on and heard it once. But I have not found the time to dig deep in the web to find out more. I will and post it. This is scary stuff, and I'm not a scary person.   I was robbed at gunpoint and wasn't as scared as I am of losing my freedom with this new action by our politicians. Geez!! What will they think up next??? What was that movie? 1984???
konaneComment by konane - July 11, 2009, 12:56 pm
Star Trek Next Generation series about the "Borg" fits it pretty well. They want us as rubber stamps of each other, agreeing to what they dictate without uttering a word of opposition. And they've been softening us up for a long time, beginning in earnest in the early 70's,
JAP69Comment by JAP69 - July 11, 2009, 1:46 pm
People were told when they were coming out with cameras here and there to monitor. Ahh they said they will protect us from the evil doers.
Hey you seen that new commercial about home security. Now what if they had monitors in all the homes to keep track of things. They get to hire all those people to install the networks and to monitor the network. Shovel ready job.
Be careful when you get a needle for something. They could be injecting a GPS device in ya.
welcome to the future.
DelmarvaChickComment by DelmarvaChick - July 11, 2009, 2:21 pm
Pepper is right they have been doing this for years with cable TV, so sorry folks you can't credit Obama with this one. They're tracking more than broadcasting ratings with those cable boxes...I thought everybody knew that? The thing with car tracking is also true, but again has been going on for awhile now since cars have become more computerized. If it's on a computer the government can track it very easily (they played a major part with the creation of the internet as we know it). Why do you think identity thef is such a pain? And think about this....those thieves dabble in child's play compared to Uncle Sam. No telling what could really be done with the basic information you hand over to people on a daily basis.

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