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Update to Formatting of GA Lottery Detailed Odds Pages + A Request for GA Scratcher Players


I've updated the formatting of each of the denomination pages of instant games that I've got detailed odds for on my Lotto Hideout.  Each winning combination is listed on a separate line for (hopefully) easier reading.  You may also notice that some winning combinations are in parentheses "( )".  These combinations are ones I thought could be possible, based on the prizes, number of times you can win on a ticket, and special symbols for that game.  These combinations may or may not exist and are not confirmed.

That's where I ask a favor of the GA scratcher players on LP...

I just uploaded a page to my web space here.  It's nothing pretty...it's a misc. sheet I had in my master Excel file which I use to make those denominations, odds comparisons, and overall odds/top prizes pages on my Lotto Hideout.  This page contains "multiple win" and "special symbol" combinations that I've seen or been told about on various instant games that I don't have detailed odds for (yet).  If I'm missing anything or if you can confirm a winning combination in parentheses in my existing games with detailed odds or on that "combos" page, could you comment on this blog post or send me a private message?

I asked the GA Lottery if they had this kind of information available when I called asking about detailed odds and they told me, both over the phone and via snail mail with my 1st batch of detailed odds, that special symbols and prize amounts are distributed randomly and they don't keep information of winning combinations on hand.  I've even done some research (see the $3 Big Bucks on that combos page for the games without detailed odds -- I looked up the GA Lottery's press release when they released that game and they mentioned the prize levels....I did the math with the BIG symbol for 12 times the prize and saw, from buying tickets myself and looking at losing prize amounts, that you can't hit single number matches for most of those prizes, rather they must be won via multiple number matches or a BIG symbol (or a combination of the two)).

I thank you so much in advance for any help you could possibly give me with this information.  This is something I've always been curious about (way before joining LP....and way before my "adventure" of sorts in getting detailed odds on any of the games in the first place) and would like to compile and post, since the GA Lottery seems to be unwilling to post this info on their site (and not having the winning combo info).

Until next time, may you win tons of loot and may it be a very sweet combination of wins involving lots of wins and special symbols for a big prize. Smile

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ToddComment by Todd - July 14, 2009, 9:43 am
Very nice job!
Comment by sorensonfan41 - July 14, 2009, 11:53 am
Thanks Todd!
Comment by bdb703 - July 14, 2009, 3:51 pm
Hey, I'm new to lottery post and I might have some information you might find beneficial. I know from first hand experience that on Extreme Green there is Extreme $1000. I was lucky enough to hit this in March of this year. Taxes cut it down by 31% to $6900, but still it was a VERY NICE win. I also know that on the 20 dollar Millionaire Monopoly ticket there are 20 prizes of $50 for $1000. I have a picture of the second one if you would like to see it, but for that first one I had to go straight to the lottery office. (I had the shakes after winning that amount.)

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