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Another Dumb Idea in Phildelphia!!


I use to work for the agency that had another problem today, the second time a employee was shot.  Why?

The reason why is that the Philadelphia Police Department uses the trucks and uniforms that the agency has to do drug stakeouts.  I remember years ago that my manager threw a fit about the Police Department using our marked trucks, telling them that our job was dangerous enough that to add to it.  I told my manager what happened to me and he put a stop to it.  I blogged about this manager before, he was one great man and I would do anything to make him look good to his upper managers.

I was working on 18th Street, just below Washington Avenue, and at the time it was a high crack addiction area.  I was doing my job as a carpenter, and these thugs came up to me and asked me if I was a cop.  I said no, and asked them if they were kidding.  A neighbor came out and started yelling at them to leave me alone, that I was the only one that did a good job.  Another neighbor heard what was going on and came out and started yelling at the same jokers.  I thought it was going to be a riot!!  The ONLY reason why my life was saved was those neighbors that came out and helped me.  I now wonder what would have happened if they didn't.  I hoped I thanked them enough then, I would like to send a thank you and blessings to them again.

I think the Police Department should use another tactic or use some other way of doing their job.  To have the two carpenters from the same agency shot in this short amount of time is horrible.  And if I were the family of these people, or the person I would file suit against the Police Department for putting my life in jeopardy.  They also use the Gas company trucks to do their job.  WHY??  They can use false name and have a truck painted, like Andy's Rug Cleaning - Or Extermination, but to use those trucks that employees have to go into drug infested areas and to have the drug dealers even think they are cops is putting the unarmed employee at unnecessary risk.

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