Do you need to directly work with people online by computer and or Pc remote control?



Need your Pc fixed or need to work with 1 or more people online on the lottery or whatever:

Want to make lottery predictions online on real time together with other(s) and or play computer game(s) or send or receive files (Share) or whatever?

When asked for an email address it might be best to use one from a sevice like HotMail or Yahoo! or something like it.

Set the email address first before you try to sign with any service also think about possible passwords to use and or whatever

Maybe also first try the service with a relative and or friend at your home town to see if it is really what you want and need to use.


Try those above first, only if they don't work right for you then try:


More for remote Pc control of your own computer, but also can be used I guess for people working together, like fixing a Pc or working on lottery predictions or making lottery workouts or playing games or whatever.




There are more programs and or ways, I guess.

Use a search engine such as Google to find them with.

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