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10 of the Freakiest Ice Creams


10 of the Freakiest Ice Creams
1. Corn-on-the-Cob Ice Cream: You probably shouldn't put butter or salt on this Korean ice-cream novelty. The corn-flavored ice cream rod is covered in a chocolate shell and wrapped in a cob-shaped wafer.

2. Candied-Bacon Ice Cream: Bacon makes everything better, right? Does that theory apply to ice cream? Ice cream conneisseur David Lebovitz creates this butcher-approved dessert, which has a nice smoky/salty/cinnamony balance of flavors.

3. Superman Ice Cream: There's bits of Krypton in it! Not really. This Michigan ice cream phenomenon is a yellow-blue-red swirl of mystery. Is it made of banana? Cotton candy? Just plain ol' food coloring-flavored? This video gets to the bottom of the question.

4. Hamburger Ice Cream: Technically there's no beef or mustard in here, but the hamburger-shaped treats from Blue Bunny Ice Cream do feature sponge-cake buns and gum-drop "pickles."

5. Psychedelic Ice-Cream Bread: In Singapore, men show up on motorbikes with dry-ice-filled bins full of loaves of cottony, rainbow-hued bread to sandwich ice cream flavors such as honeydew, mango, and taro. Again, this is real bread (with crusts). Freaky?

6. Olive-Oil Ice Cream: You put olive oil on your bread. You put olive oil in your salad. Now it's time to put olive oil in your ice cream.

7. Deep-Fried Ice Cream: How do frozen balls not melt in a vat of steamy oil? The cereal coating protects it. This is the ice cream for the french-fry lover in your life.

8. Curry-Carrot Ice Cream: Three things you've probably never eaten all at once, but the Japanese-inspired combo is surprisingly delicious.

9. Spicy Ice Cream: What if you could fuse the effects of salsa with dessert? This cayenne-cinnamon ice cream is cold but definitely gives your tongue a little fire.

10. Vegan Ice Cream: Cows seem integral to the ice cream-making process, but one ice creamery in New York City has found a way to make a flavor of fudge brownie, salted caramel, and pecans out of beans instead of milk.

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