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Your bed


Your bed

Have you been on a trip recently? If so, you may have brought home some hitchhikers�of the creepy-crawly variety. Bedbugs, tiny bloodthirsty insects, are hosts to organisms that cause hepatitis B and Chagas disease, say health experts. But the real problem seems to be the infections and allergic reactions that can sometimes result from bedbug bites.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, bedbugs are on the rise and becoming an increasing health problem. The insects, which hide in the crevices of mattresses and bedding, are showing up everywhere, from hostels to the swankiest hotels, and they often find their way into people's luggage, transporting themselves to unsuspecting homes.

What to do: If you've done some traveling recently, and especially if you've noticed any mysterious bug bites, wash everything in your luggage and consider scrubbing your suitcase with a stiff brush before giving it a good vacuuming.

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Rick GComment by Rick G - August 1, 2009, 5:32 pm
I was talking to an exterminator the other day about this.

Things to look out for at a hotel/motel:

Check creases at mattress edges; pull apart and look all the way around.
Check top of mattress for little brown specks (blood).
Check plastic corners of box spring frame.

If you do spot them talk to the hotel Manager and tell him you'll want another room that's not infested. You should get a discount (or free room if you hint you will spread the word).

You do not want to bring these home. To get rid of them involves a lot of prep work and is expensive.

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