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Work.. isn't it so fun??? AHHH!


Last Edited: July 31, 2005, 5:55 am

Oh, don't we all just LOVE working!?!? Crazy


A few days ago, I had told a crew member that they were not allowed to have access to the managerial functions of our registers at Taco Bell. Apparently, this person does NOT like to listen to me. He comes in tonight with a "smirky" look on his face, and I catch him in the act again, about 4 hours into the shift. The first time I caught him doing it, he had an attitude, but he obliged. This time, I took him to the back of the store and told him once again that he is not to access those functions (we use a credit-card-like device we swipe to get into manager mode). I also told him to give me the card he had, since he knew he was not allowed to use it.

His response: "No."

At this point, I was so tired I could care less, but when I ask you nicely to give me something you're not supposed to have, I expect you to do it. Telling me "no" without a reason just pisses me off even more.

I replied, "Ok, Why?"

He said, "Because this is not yours, and I will only return it to that person."

I wanted to punch him SO bad, but I held back. I now raised my voice a bit. "I have told you before you are not allowed to have one. Why do you now have another one and why are you not listening to me?"

"Because I asked for it, and because I still don't believe you" (he didn't believe me the first time - he wanted the general manager's "confirmation", which he got that night).

Then he goes on about how he thinks he's going to become a manager soon (which is now TOTALLY out of the question) and how he thinks it's OK to violate security procedures. And he said he is talking to the General Manager on Tuesday about becoming a manager. He also says he will only give the card back to the person who was supposed to have it within my eyesight, not me, in the back, in private. Once again, he will not give me the card. I felt like doing this to him  Chair!!!

After he decided he was done, I said, "Expect a Write-Up on Tuesday when you get here."

He said, "OK," and walked out of the office. I followed right behind him, and when he stopped, I told him "You can clock out now." He had no reservations, and promptly left. I then, promptly, wrote him up. Big Grin

I really despise insubordinate people, especially when I have to repeat myself over something so simple.

The rest of the night went on very peacefully without him. He works again tomorrow, but I'm calling the GM in the morning and having him call this person and tell him that he doesn't need to show up tonight.

Piss me off at work, you better watch out.  Blue Angel


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