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November 12, 2005, 6:16 pmChristmas Music & Why I like it

Everyone needs to be nice to me!

The reason I like christmas music is because it seems to put a sense of peace in the air in an otherwise dreadful environment. When you work in a factory for example, it gets you away from the monotony of doing the same, repetitive thing over and over again for 8, 9, or even 12 hours a day. When you work at a fast food restaurant, it calms the mood of the store and is less likely to produce a customer complaint because either the music is too loud or the wrong kind of music is playing (we once accidentally got a satellite feed of hard rock instead of smooth R & B... did NOT go over well with the customers... One second Barry White was playing and the next, on comes Twisted Sister at 3 times the normal volume... scared the bejesus out of half the store).

Christmas music soothes my otherwise overworked nerves... and gives me a sense of sanity. Don't get me wrong, I like most other types of music, but it just seems that this time of year becomes a peaceful time for me (other than the extreme sport of last-minute shopping).

I understand a lot of the songs are repeated, and that does get old after a while... but it's nice to hear different artists put their voices into the same song so you can hear different talents. For example, I have three versions of, IMHO, the most beautiful christmas song ever made - "O Holy Night." I have one by Celine Dion (my favorite version), one by Josh Groban & the other by Mariah Carey. The first two are somewhat similar, but Mariah's version sets her apart because of the way she sings it... she doesn't sustain long notes like the other two, rather she has the background assist her in completing the line while she goes nice & high in her amazing octave range to bring out the "beautifulness" of the song.

It also helps set the overall mood of my day. If I wake up and hear a not-too-pleasant song, I won't start my day off well consequently turning the rest of the day upside down. However, if I hear a good song, I am more likely to be in a good mood for the day, and hopefully beyond.

I like my christmas music, and no one is going to turn me away from it, even if the same song gets repeated 23 times in one day. Nyah.

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November 7, 2005, 10:04 amDo I still have my job?

This has been an exasperating week.

I had to go on a quality sort out in Wayne (not too far from my house, which is good) for a week, and I haven't had time to go up to Taco Bell, or give them any energy. Mind you, this is a GOOD thing.

I show up there this morning, only to be met by the GM who tells me that his wife, who is the assistant GM, is pissed off at me and doesn't even want me in the store to do ANYTHING. He also tells me that I need to call her and tell her about what's going on.

I politely oblige, without hesitation.

No answer on her cell, so I try the house.

No Answer.

Then, thinking that she knows it's me by caller ID, I block it out on both numbers.

Still no answer.

Oh well. $**t happens. I'll get over it if I was fired. Not like I need the job anyways.

If she does call me back, I'll tell the experience later.


Want to hear 24/7 XMAS music? Click here:  -----> www.wnic.com, and then click "Listen Live."


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October 18, 2005, 12:20 amTechnical Support Central....How May I Help You?

One of my friends (ok, a LOT of my friends) are somewhat technically illiterate.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

One of my friends (ok, a LOT of my friends) are 100% technically illiterate.

One in particular has asked me to come over to their house 2 days in a row now because something was going on with their computer that they couldn't figure out. I politely obliged, being the good little techhie genius I am (shameless self-promotion), and began to "diagnose" the problem.

It was because of one simple little click this person made that the whole system (IE in particular) crash multiple times in a row.

Since I wasn't aware of this, I begin my searches to try to find the exact problem, and I realize after about 45 minutes that one little click (turning off Microsoft Update about 4 months ago) was the culprit. I re-downloaded everything that was needed, and then it seemed to work fine.

Until about 4 hours later, when the same error message popped up. Apparently, the computer isn't that much to this person, so they just decided to restore to factory defaults. AGAIN. I guess this was the 5th time they have had to do it.

I'm at their house right now diagnosing another problem. Their printer won't work after the restore, and I am in the process of getting that to work as I type.

It just seems that when someone needs tech support, they don't call the computer company, Microsoft, or anyone else who might have knowledge about what NOT to do in Windows. They just call me, and voila, it's magically fixed with a few keystrokes (sometimes).

"That's all you had to do????"

"Yeah... somewhat simple!"

"Why didn't it work for me??"

"Because when you hit the wrong key or click in the wrong place, BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN!"

"Ohhh... Well, thanks for fixing it...I guess." 

Jeez. At least sound a little more thankful. I'm taking the time out of my day to help you and I get a lousy thank you?? Eww.

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October 16, 2005, 4:15 pmThe Twelve Pains of Christmas Lyrics

Don't get me wrong... I'm a christmas FANATIC (almost like Chevy Chase), but this song tickled my fancy (and made me explode with laughter, too)...

The Twelve Pains of Christmas - Bob Rivers Comedy Corp (to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas)


The First Thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…is finding a Christmas tree.


The Second Thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…Rigging up the lights…

…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Third Thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…


…rigging up the lights…

…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Fourth thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…sending Christmas cards…


…rigging up the lights!…

…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Fifth thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…five months of bills…

…sending Christmas cards…


…rigging up the lights!!…

…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Sixth thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…facing my in-laws…

…five months of bills…

…oy, I hate those Christmas cards…


…rigging up these lights!!!…

…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Seventh thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…The Salvation Army…

…facing my in-laws…

…five months of bills…

…sending Christmas cards…

…oh jeez…

…I’m trying to rig up these lights!!!!…

…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Eighth thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…I want a transformer for Christmas!…

…charities..and what do you mean, YOUR in-laws?!?…

…five months of bills…

…uhh…making out these cards…

…Edith, get me a beer, huh?…

…What, we have NO EXTENSION CORDS?!?!…

…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Ninth thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…finding parking spaces…

…Daddy, I want some candy!!!…


…facing my in-laws…

…five months of bills…

…writing out those Christmas cards…



…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Tenth thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…”Batteries not Included?”…

…no parking spaces…

…Buy me something!!!…

…Get a Job, You Bum!!…

…ohh…facing the in-laws…

…five months of bills…

…Yo-ho, Sending Christmas Cards!!…

…ah, jeez, look at this…


…and finding a Christmas tree.


The Eleventh thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…stale TV specials!!…

…batteries not included…

…no parking spaces…

…Mom, I gotta go to the bathroom!!…


…she’s a witch, I hate her!…

…five months of bills…

…Oh, I don’t even KNOW half these people!!

…oh, who’s got the cherlet paper, huh?…


…and finding a Christmas tree.


The twelfth thing at Christmas

That’s such a pain to me…

…singing Christmas carols…

…stale TV specials…

…batteries not included…

…no parking!…

…(baby crying)…


…gotta make ‘em dinner…

…five months of bills…

…I’m not sending ‘em this year, that’s it!

…Shut Up, You!


…and finding a Christmas tree.

Sorry Lantern, I just wanted to have some fun.

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October 12, 2005, 2:12 amMcDonald's & Monopoly REALLY don't mix


Winsumloosesum's post on McDonald's & Monopoly got me thinking... "What ARE my chances?"

Well, I got a horrifyingly frightening bounceback to reality when I checked out the official rules for this year's version...

Here's a snapshot:


 A potential winner may be requested to provide the Sponsor with proof that the potential winner is the authorized account holder of the e-mail address associated with the winning entry. If a dispute cannot be resolved to Sponsor's satisfaction, the entry will be deemed ineligible. If Sponsor so elects, a potential prize winner may be required to submit to, and cooperate in, a confidential background check to confirm eligibility and to help ensure that the use of any such person in advertising or publicity for the Game will not bring Sponsor into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule or reflect unfavorably on the Game or the Sponsor as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion.

I understand this one. Basically, this lets you know McDonald's might ask you to go through a background check (which then you are required to "cooperate" with) to see if you know, have any connection to, or have ever walked by someone who had anything to do with any facet of the game. If you did, wave buh-bye to your "prize.

8h. General Restrictions.

Prizes pictured in point-of-sale, online, television and print advertising, promotional packaging, and other Game materials are for illustrative purposes only. All details and other restrictions of prizes not set forth in these Official Rules will be determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion and will be provided to the applicable prize winner upon award of the prize. No interest will be paid on any cash prizes.

All taxes (including, without limitation, federal, state, and local taxes) on or connected with any prize, and the reporting consequences thereof, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of respective winners. If required by law, Sponsor reserves the right to withhold and remit to the appropriate taxing authorities the amount of any tax or taxes due. With respect to non-cash prizes, it may be legally necessary under the United States Internal Revenue Code (as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) for the prize winner to pay the amount of any tax before receiving the prize.

Another one I understand... Win a 20Gb iPod, you might get a mini, because the prize "is for illustrative purposes only."

If you win the viper, though, be prepared to cough up about $40,000 in taxes, UP FRONT, because "it may be legally necessary."

Check winsumloosesum's post for these, too.... this is where I was absolutely FLOORED- the odds of winning.




  1. Prize/Offer Level
Prize/Offer ARV Total Number of Prizes Approximate Odds
Low 300,000 Reward Zone Program Points Offer $109.99 13,689 1 in 1,320
Low JVC Electronic $99 1,500 1 in 298,846
Low Video Game Console $288.99 1,500 1 in 298,846
Low MP3 - iPod $299 500 1 in 896,539
Mid JVC Home Theater System $400 300 1 in 1,494,228
Mid Computer $649 1,500 1 in 298,846
Mid JVC Electronics Package $1,048 15 1 in 29,884,556
High Dodge Viper-Car $100,000 1 1 in 448,268,640
  1. The average odds of winning a McDonald's Food Prize over the course of the Game are approximately 1 in 9. Odds may be higher or lower for specific Food Prizes and change as the Game Progresses and prizes are awarded.
  1. Prize Level
Property Combinations & Stamp Numbers Prize ARV Total Number of Prizes Approximate Odds
Mid Mediterranean Ave #5001
Baltic Ave #5002
iPod & iTunes- MP3 Package $1,299 199 1 in 10,174,575
Mid Oriental Ave. #5003
Vermont Ave. #5004
Connecticut Ave. #5005
PSP system & PlayStation 2 Systems Video Game Package $942.89 90 1 in 18,825,585
Mid St. Charles Place #5006
States Ave. #5007
Virginia Ave. #5008
Geek Squad Computer Services and Computer Package $828 75 1 in 22,590,702
Mid St. James Place #5009
Tennessee Ave. #5010
New York Ave. #5011
JVC Electronics Package $1,048 15 1 in 256,356,356
Mid Atlantic Ave. #5015
Ventnor Ave. #5016
Marvin Gardens #5017
Movie Prize $2,350 1 1 in 2,091,956,912
High Pacific Ave. #5018
North Carolina Ave. #5019
Pennsylvania Ave. #5020
Electronic Makeover with JVC Electronics and LG Appliances $9,499.95 1 1 in 2,091,956,912
High Kentucky Ave. #5012
Indiana Ave. #5013
Illinois Ave. #5014
100 Million Best Buy Reward Zone Program Points $30,009.99 2 1 in 1,045,978,456
High Park Place #5021
Boardwalk #5022
1 Million Dollars $1,000,000 1 1 in 448,268,640
High Reading Railroad #5023
Pennsylvania Railroad #5024
B&O Railroad #5025
Short Line #5026
Dodge Viper- Car $100,000 1 1 in 17,836,429,305


Umm... "Best Chance Game 3.0"??

I can just see the ad tagline...

You Could win a Viper in the New Monopoly @ McDonald's Best Chance Game! You'd only have to buy over $50 billion worth of food and drinks to do it! Or, for no purchase necessary entries, all you need to do is send in about 10 billion SASE's (you'd bring the price of stamps CONSIDERABLY down if you did that)!! See you in the Winner's Circle!!

Oy. They need to call it "McDonald's Best Game of NO chance."

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September 5, 2005, 3:40 amCleaning House

I spent over 4 hours (each day) during this weekend cleaning out my room. I had no idea I had that much paperwork all over the place. I had receipts from 2003 stuck in my drawer when I got the drawer only about 6 months ago.

I got WAY too much sleep today. I decided to take a "small " nap around 2:30, because I was a little tired, and wanted to lay down. Lo & behold, nobody decides to wake me up until 12:45 am, when TB calls me and wonders where I am since I told them I would be there around 11. Ugh.

I can't believe Ivette FINALLY won HOH on BB6. I have been waiting for her to win it, and good for Maggie for "giving" it to her... she deserves it after all she's been through.

See ya soon.

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August 27, 2005, 12:33 amMy Union is more important than Taco Bell... PERIOD

Taco Bell left me 4 messages in my voice mail today. My phone was charging, and since I only have a car charger, I couldn't answer it right away.

"Kris, call us ASAP - it's really important. Thanks, Bye." <-----x4

So, after I went on break, I went to my car and got the phone, and immediately checked my VM as I had 14, yes, 14, missed calls. I listened to the messages, and promptly called them back to see what the really important thing was.

"We need you to come in tomorrow at 3 to take a weight test."

"Are you serious? A Weight test????" (A weight test is a determination to see if you know how much every product at Taco Bell is supposed to weigh, along with determining correct portions. I made this test, so why would I need to take it??????)

"You have to as part of your manager certification."

I have been a manager for over 4 years. I now need certification to continue to be one? Waaaah. I told them I couldn't, because I was busy- I have a union outing tomorrow. I'm not missing bowling for anything, not even Taco Bell. They had the audacity to tell me "You have to - it's required."

I then quipped back "Well, I have to go to this event - it's required." They then asked me if there was "any way to get out-" I stopped them right there and said NO.

They got mad at me and started whining that they were relying on me to come so I could give them all the answers and they could all "pass" the certification.

"Number 1, I told you I had an outing this weekend, that's why I asked you to move my start time to LATER on Saturday night because I'll be out of town until 8:30. Number 2, STUDY THE ANSWER SYSTEM!! All of the weights are in there!"

My GM then said "Well, I'll just tell them (the owners) that you're busy, but if they get mad, I have to write you up for not attending a manager meeting." I said "I'm sorry, but I've had this planned for weeks. You guys need to start respecting my wishes and stop relying on me as much as you did when I was there full-time. I don't have as much time as I did before for this place." They said OK, and then said goodbye.

I'm about to storm out of that place. They're driving me insane. But, as I've told them many times, My union is WAY more important to me than TB. PERIOD.


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August 24, 2005, 11:27 pmOff to hell we go

Oh Boy.... Yawn

I don't want to go to TB tonight, but it's truck night (delivery truck) and I can't even trust the day shift there to do anything remotely close to organizing it properly. For all I know, the next time I come in, there will be boxes all over the place, the tortillas will be all intermingled, and Nacho cheese will be in the dry storage area when it needs to be in the walk-in cooler. Nobody but me knows exactly where everything goes, and this goes for the GM, who by the way called me tonight to see if I wanted to cover the rest of his shift so he could see his daughter off to school for the first time tomorrow. I understand this, but it shouldn't be necessary to always call ME in when there are 4 other managers at his disposal.

On a lighter note, I got sent home from Ford today because the line I got "loaned out" to broke down.... somewhat permanently, from what I heard. One of the conveyors was absolutely shot, and just decided to stop working. At 4:10pm. After about 2½ hours of sitting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more, they finally sent us home at 6:30. You would think that an auto giant would have backup parts for these lines that supposedly "need to keep humming," but this part had to be ordered. What a shock. It's only been like that the last 6 times a line broke down and I was on it... the part had to be ordered and air-freighted next day. But I was happy- I got to go home 5½ hours early... Hyper


I should be home in about 7 hours, leaving me just enough time to take a nap before I start the whole thing over again. Oy.

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August 12, 2005, 2:37 amI QUIT!!!!! Well, maybe not... but I'm EXTREMELY close

I have had enough...

My boss made me SO MAD tonight at TB that I wanted to walk out the door quite a few times. I kept my composure, but I almost lost it twice.

First, we aced our mystery shop. This is normally a very good thing, as we all get a bonus for getting a 100%. But, he told me, and directed this at me personally, that "everyone else's speed of service time is so good, why does yours suck?"

"WHAT are you talking about?"

"On every shop, their times are less than 3 minutes. That one you had (mind you, this is 2½ YEARS AGO that he's talking about) was 13 minutes. How come?"

I threw the 2½ year ago thing in, and he said one of his many distinctly careless phrases... "So?"

I said back, "Your SOS times are the WORST! Have you even bothered to look at the SOS (Speed of Service) Tracking board? Your name is at the VERY BOTTOM OF THE LIST! How do you have room to talk when my times are 2nd best?!?!?" This is my general manager I'm talking to, as well.

He said - and this was the kicker - "It must me nice working at Ford... obviously a lot of laziness comes in with you here, too."

I went through the roof. I told him, "Look, if you don't want me here, there's the front door... you can clean off the buttprints as it hits my a$$ on the way out if you want.. because I'll NEVER come back this time!"

He decided to calm down at this point... he apologized and said he was stressed out, but I told him that's no excuse. No Pity! And that's strike two... the first strike came about 2 months ago when I got yelled at and almost fired for something I proved was not my fault - a cash shortage of over $250 (he found out who did it and fired him on the spot). He refused to believe it was not me, because he says that he's "the man" (yeah, right) and he knows everything that goes on in that store. Obivously not.

He has one more strike before I'm GONE. I don't know how much longer I can take two jobs... getting to the point where I can't wake up for Ford anymore... that's bad. Oogle

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August 6, 2005, 10:22 pmFeng Shui... Does it actually work?

I decided to re-arrange my room today... not for any particular reason other than I thought I needed a change. I usually change everything up about once a year just for aesthetics, but I decided today to try the principles of Feng Shui and see if it seems to work.

Nothing yet.

Seems like I'm more tired now with the new arrangement than I was with the old one. I thought it was supposed to improve your mood, help you get more energy, and the like... I'm now more tired, a little moody, and just feeling blah. Think I might change it back if this lasts for more than a couple days.

The money issue is still haunting me too... When we went on shutdown at Visteon at the beginning of July, I was pretty much OK with being caught up on bills... Seems like those 2 weeks without pay killed my finances, which is why I'm working so hard at Taco Bell and working so many more hours. I caught up this week, and just thought I would buy something for me for once, rather than spend it on gifts for others. Of course, my shopping side took over (and maybe my idiot side for buying that stupid mystery envelope - let's just hope it doesn't turn out to be bad) and I went overboard...again. It seems that whenever I actually do have a few extra bucks lying around, I want to spend it, and spend it now.

I know I'm the only one who can control what I do, but it just seems like money comes and goes too fast for me. When you have bills from years ago that you're still paying on today, it gets to you after a while. That's where my Visteon checks go to, and my TB checks (which are not normally over $100) are my spending money.

Let's hope this Feng Shui works and my mood improves, so I can go through a day without worrying about what person wants their money next.

Last Edited: August 6, 2005, 10:25 pm

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August 6, 2005, 4:13 amI need eBayer's Anonymous

I think I'm getting addicted to eBay...

Last week, I bought some accessories for my current cellphone. 2 days later, I turn around and buy a totally different cellphone, rendering the newly-purchased accessories useless.

Tonight, I decided to check out some of the "Mystery Auctions" that are now starting to be all over eBay. I found one that said "Bonus Bonus Jackpot." It looked intriguing, and it was only at $3. I bid $3.25.

The immediate response from eBay was "You have been outbid by another user." I figured this, and upped my bid to $5.

"You have been outbid by another user."

I have never done one of these, so I decided $10 for an envelope (mind you, eBay does not allow you to sell these items as a raffle, bingo, lottery, etc... you can only sell them as the actual item, which was an envelope) was pretty steep, but what the heck - it said it had "currency" in it. So I put my max bid at $10 and confirmed it. I was now the high bidder.

As the auction closed, I watched it go up ever so slightly. It finished at $7.01, and I was happy. But now I have to pay for it, and I have no idea of how I'm going to do that. I have to pay for my other auctions I won too, and my Taco Bell check coming on Monday is spent already. I have no other $$ until Friday.

I really hate not having money. It really slows things down. Let's hope the "currency" in this mystery envelope is actual spendable cash, and a lot of it at that.

Last Edited: August 6, 2005, 4:17 am

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August 5, 2005, 4:20 amFINALLY... A DAY OFF OF BOTH JOBS!!! Have to clean the house, though

I feel as giddy as a schoolboy...

For the first time in about 3 months, I have a day off from both of my jobs. I decided to take a personal day from Visteon and I'm not scheduled at Taco Bell. Cheers


But, a slight drawback.. I just have to basically scour down my house due to the fact I haven't touched it in about 2 weeks... Puke

But, I'm OK with that. A day free of anyone badgering me about horrible customers, a day without having machines break down (so long as my vacuum cleaner wants to work), a day free of any cares whatsoever other than the cleanliness of my house. I love to clean though, so it's not really a big deal.

Taco Bell called me 4 times while I was at Visteon today... talking to me about the normal horrible customers, insubordinate employees, etc... I almost had to hang up the phone on them twice because my boss was hovering over my head and we aren't supposed to be on the phone in the manufacturing areas of the plant. I was like, "OK, gotta go, gotta go, GOTTA GO!!!!!!!" They eventually got the point, though.

Well, I'm going to start some now so I don't have to do much later.

Last Edited: August 5, 2005, 4:26 am

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August 4, 2005, 9:53 amPhones... Do they actually have a use or are they just there to annoy?

I wish I knew the actual reason for having a cellphone...

I somehow owe Cingular $160 this month for a $59.99/mo plan. Hmmm.. Bang Head

I called them and said that I have no idea how my bill could be this high, and they told me that "It was because of 27 downloads to your phone this month." OK, if my phone could actually hold 27 downloads of ringtones & games, I might be OK with that excuse, but my phone has so little memory, I can only store 3 downloads and 2 games. This is according to my owner's manual.

I tried to explain this to them, and they said "We need to see proof that it was not you downloading."


"Yes, in order for us to credit your account, we need you to show us that it was impossible for you to be downloading these items with your consent."

"Well, couldn't I fax you the pages in my owner's manual to show I can't actually hold that much information? Wouldn't that be proof enough?"

"No, because all that shows is that the phone can hold information. It doesn't show that you did not physically download the items."

Well, I'm sorry, but I don't videotape every second of my life. And unless you are the subject of someone like Truman Burbank in "The Truman Show,"  and you know about it, no one else does, either.

So, to make a long story short, I have to pay it. This is going to drain me out even more than I already am.

Maybe I should just patent the 6/47, 6/49 & 6/54 lotto games and make royalties off of those to pay my bills. Thumbs Up


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July 31, 2005, 5:39 amWork.. isn't it so fun??? AHHH!

Oh, don't we all just LOVE working!?!? Crazy


A few days ago, I had told a crew member that they were not allowed to have access to the managerial functions of our registers at Taco Bell. Apparently, this person does NOT like to listen to me. He comes in tonight with a "smirky" look on his face, and I catch him in the act again, about 4 hours into the shift. The first time I caught him doing it, he had an attitude, but he obliged. This time, I took him to the back of the store and told him once again that he is not to access those functions (we use a credit-card-like device we swipe to get into manager mode). I also told him to give me the card he had, since he knew he was not allowed to use it.

His response: "No."

At this point, I was so tired I could care less, but when I ask you nicely to give me something you're not supposed to have, I expect you to do it. Telling me "no" without a reason just pisses me off even more.

I replied, "Ok, Why?"

He said, "Because this is not yours, and I will only return it to that person."

I wanted to punch him SO bad, but I held back. I now raised my voice a bit. "I have told you before you are not allowed to have one. Why do you now have another one and why are you not listening to me?"

"Because I asked for it, and because I still don't believe you" (he didn't believe me the first time - he wanted the general manager's "confirmation", which he got that night).

Then he goes on about how he thinks he's going to become a manager soon (which is now TOTALLY out of the question) and how he thinks it's OK to violate security procedures. And he said he is talking to the General Manager on Tuesday about becoming a manager. He also says he will only give the card back to the person who was supposed to have it within my eyesight, not me, in the back, in private. Once again, he will not give me the card. I felt like doing this to him  Chair!!!

After he decided he was done, I said, "Expect a Write-Up on Tuesday when you get here."

He said, "OK," and walked out of the office. I followed right behind him, and when he stopped, I told him "You can clock out now." He had no reservations, and promptly left. I then, promptly, wrote him up. Big Grin

I really despise insubordinate people, especially when I have to repeat myself over something so simple.

The rest of the night went on very peacefully without him. He works again tomorrow, but I'm calling the GM in the morning and having him call this person and tell him that he doesn't need to show up tonight.

Piss me off at work, you better watch out.  Blue Angel


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July 29, 2005, 7:27 pmComputers and machines and balls... oh my!


I thought I would talk about this since my alias is self-explanatory... Skeptical 

It describes my exact feelings about lotteries. NO COMPUTERS SHOULD BE ALLOWED!!! Rant      Revert to machines and balls!!

Well, now that's out of my system...

Today has been a little hectic. No being loaned out, but loaned "in" - I have to move between both "cells" on my line for the whole day and double the normal production for normal pay. I hate having low seniority. Plus, someone on my line decided to throw a ball of plastic at my computer. It bounced off the screen and hit my e-stop button, shutting my machine down. It was not fun. My machine takes over 30 minutes to start up from being shut down, and I am EXTREMELY impatient in that place. Not a good combination.

After what my boss told me what happened at Taco Bell today, I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to call off. 3 more people quit, and stuff is breaking down left and right. I might as well go in, but I really don't want to.

I'll be back around 6am... which is when I get off, and is over 19 hours after I got up today. Oy.

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