My Union is more important than Taco Bell... PERIOD


Taco Bell left me 4 messages in my voice mail today. My phone was charging, and since I only have a car charger, I couldn't answer it right away.

"Kris, call us ASAP - it's really important. Thanks, Bye." <-----x4

So, after I went on break, I went to my car and got the phone, and immediately checked my VM as I had 14, yes, 14, missed calls. I listened to the messages, and promptly called them back to see what the really important thing was.

"We need you to come in tomorrow at 3 to take a weight test."

"Are you serious? A Weight test????" (A weight test is a determination to see if you know how much every product at Taco Bell is supposed to weigh, along with determining correct portions. I made this test, so why would I need to take it??????)

"You have to as part of your manager certification."

I have been a manager for over 4 years. I now need certification to continue to be one? Waaaah. I told them I couldn't, because I was busy- I have a union outing tomorrow. I'm not missing bowling for anything, not even Taco Bell. They had the audacity to tell me "You have to - it's required."

I then quipped back "Well, I have to go to this event - it's required." They then asked me if there was "any way to get out-" I stopped them right there and said NO.

They got mad at me and started whining that they were relying on me to come so I could give them all the answers and they could all "pass" the certification.

"Number 1, I told you I had an outing this weekend, that's why I asked you to move my start time to LATER on Saturday night because I'll be out of town until 8:30. Number 2, STUDY THE ANSWER SYSTEM!! All of the weights are in there!"

My GM then said "Well, I'll just tell them (the owners) that you're busy, but if they get mad, I have to write you up for not attending a manager meeting." I said "I'm sorry, but I've had this planned for weeks. You guys need to start respecting my wishes and stop relying on me as much as you did when I was there full-time. I don't have as much time as I did before for this place." They said OK, and then said goodbye.

I'm about to storm out of that place. They're driving me insane. But, as I've told them many times, My union is WAY more important to me than TB. PERIOD.


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Avatar Rip Snorter -
I've always sort of liked Taco Bell products occasionally as a sort of road-treat or such.

You're convincing me it's run by idiots who ought to be in government, making me wonder if I need to make sure there's spare toilet paper in the car if I'm going to have myself a nice burrito driving down the road.


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