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Off to hell we go


Oh Boy.... Yawn

I don't want to go to TB tonight, but it's truck night (delivery truck) and I can't even trust the day shift there to do anything remotely close to organizing it properly. For all I know, the next time I come in, there will be boxes all over the place, the tortillas will be all intermingled, and Nacho cheese will be in the dry storage area when it needs to be in the walk-in cooler. Nobody but me knows exactly where everything goes, and this goes for the GM, who by the way called me tonight to see if I wanted to cover the rest of his shift so he could see his daughter off to school for the first time tomorrow. I understand this, but it shouldn't be necessary to always call ME in when there are 4 other managers at his disposal.

On a lighter note, I got sent home from Ford today because the line I got "loaned out" to broke down.... somewhat permanently, from what I heard. One of the conveyors was absolutely shot, and just decided to stop working. At 4:10pm. After about 2½ hours of sitting and waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more, they finally sent us home at 6:30. You would think that an auto giant would have backup parts for these lines that supposedly "need to keep humming," but this part had to be ordered. What a shock. It's only been like that the last 6 times a line broke down and I was on it... the part had to be ordered and air-freighted next day. But I was happy- I got to go home 5½ hours early... Hyper


I should be home in about 7 hours, leaving me just enough time to take a nap before I start the whole thing over again. Oy.

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