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Christmas Music & Why I like it


Everyone needs to be nice to me!

The reason I like christmas music is because it seems to put a sense of peace in the air in an otherwise dreadful environment. When you work in a factory for example, it gets you away from the monotony of doing the same, repetitive thing over and over again for 8, 9, or even 12 hours a day. When you work at a fast food restaurant, it calms the mood of the store and is less likely to produce a customer complaint because either the music is too loud or the wrong kind of music is playing (we once accidentally got a satellite feed of hard rock instead of smooth R & B... did NOT go over well with the customers... One second Barry White was playing and the next, on comes Twisted Sister at 3 times the normal volume... scared the bejesus out of half the store).

Christmas music soothes my otherwise overworked nerves... and gives me a sense of sanity. Don't get me wrong, I like most other types of music, but it just seems that this time of year becomes a peaceful time for me (other than the extreme sport of last-minute shopping).

I understand a lot of the songs are repeated, and that does get old after a while... but it's nice to hear different artists put their voices into the same song so you can hear different talents. For example, I have three versions of, IMHO, the most beautiful christmas song ever made - "O Holy Night." I have one by Celine Dion (my favorite version), one by Josh Groban & the other by Mariah Carey. The first two are somewhat similar, but Mariah's version sets her apart because of the way she sings it... she doesn't sustain long notes like the other two, rather she has the background assist her in completing the line while she goes nice & high in her amazing octave range to bring out the "beautifulness" of the song.

It also helps set the overall mood of my day. If I wake up and hear a not-too-pleasant song, I won't start my day off well consequently turning the rest of the day upside down. However, if I hear a good song, I am more likely to be in a good mood for the day, and hopefully beyond.

I like my christmas music, and no one is going to turn me away from it, even if the same song gets repeated 23 times in one day. Nyah.

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