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ah a trip down memory lane. my favorite band. their music never gets old to me. on the other hand i keep getting old. lol.

well the first thing i want to say is that i am going to a state that has no lottery. as far as i can tell they don't even have any casinos. i can't even drive to get a powerball or megamillion ticket while i am there.


i can't believe it myself but i am going. i got tickets and i got a hotel. i have to make accomodations to get my megamillion ticket for next friday if the pots keeps growing.

my little girl is leaving home and she decided she wanted to go to school in hawaii. she saved up her money so she can go to school there. mom and dad will be helping out as much as we can. i hear that is what parents do. so i pay and pay and play and play. i need the money now. oh boy. lol.

maybe i will post from the island? i won't be having withdrawal pains because i always play the multi-draw tickets.

well mister mega and mister power has not been very good to me this year. as the odds go up on winning on either game. my total winings go down and down. i think i won 230 something all last year. this year is turning out to be more abysmal than last year. still i slog through trying to hit at least a 150 prize or something. there are no hundred dollar winners in this camp in over a year. here we are past the half way mark for this year and i have not broke a hundred yet. i think i am sitting at 86 dollars for the year. that sucks but that is reality.

gotta be in it to win it.

my wallet is stuffed with losing tickets. i been meaning to up date this for some time and this early morning that i can't sleep here i am.

looking at my last post i had a friend going to cali to get me some tickets. well he screwed it up and didn't get what i wanted. still i won. i got back my usual 10%. i have another friend heading to cali but i don't have the money or the time to track him down. the cali lotto is only worth 10 million. hmmmm how many bills can i pay off with 10 million.

well i made it back up to canada. my super7 ticket finally ran out and they sent me my last check. i wish i could find a place in the states that would cash my canadian checks. i had three checks worth about 38 dollars canadian that i got cashed at a check cashing place.

super7 is ending next month. if no one wins the final jackpot they will trickle down the last jackpot to those who have wining tickets. i got a ticket that will go until september 18th. i am hoping to get a little of that trickle down money. i can only hope. i am going to try real hard to go back in september to get in on the new game lottomax something. i did pick up canada 6/49 and it is good for 26 drawings. i think it ends in november sometime.

ok it is time to go through the hits and misses. i will do the current tickets i have at the end if i don't fall asleep. been up since 3am and now it is 5 am. so sad.


i had a 9 dollar win on a 20 dollar wa lotto.

i had a 40 dollar loss on 2 dollar 10 drawing ticket with powerplay from idaho.

i had a 3 dollar win on a 20 dollar 10 drawing ticket wa lotto.

i had a 20 dollar loss on a single day ticket for the cali mega million.

i had a 10 dollar loss on a single day ticket for the cali superlotto.

i had a 18 dollar win on a 10 dollar single day ticket for the cali superlotto.

i had a 2 dollar win on 10 dollars worth of make me a millionaire scratchers from cali.

i had a 20 dollar loss on a 2 dollar 10 drawing wa lotto.

i had a 20 dollar loss on a 2 dollar 10 drawing wa mega.

i had a 1 dollar loss on a 1 dollar wa mega.

i had a 2 dollar win on a 10 dollar wa mega.

i had a 5 dollar loss on a wa lotto.

i had a 30 dollar loss on a wa mega.

i had a 50 dollar loss on a or megabucks.

i had a 10 dollar loss on a wa mega.

i had a 10 dollar loss on a 20 dollar wa lotto.

i had a 8 dollar win on a 50 dollar or powerball.

as you can see i am wracking up the losses this year. just one win will make me forget about all this. i will take 2nd place and be happy.

as long as mega keeps climbing over 100 million i am purchasing one 10 drawing ticket. so i have to buy one more before i go to hawaii. i am going to leave some money with my wife just in case it rollosver on tuesday too. anyway here are some recent additions to the cause.

1 10 drawing wa mega.

1 10 drawing wa mega.

1 26 drawing or powerball with powerplay (it will run out while in hawaii)

1 26 drawing or powerball with no powerplay (hawaii got my money)

1 26 drawing or megabucks with no kicker (hawaii got my money)

i read just recently here at lottery post that if you are an hawaii resident and win money in las vegas it is taxable in hawaii. man my thoughts about hawaii go down each day.

well next month my long term florida ticket runs out. i hope i have a win of some sort. lol. i also purchased a florida lotto ticket while i was there too. they have a triple multiplyer on their lotto. which makes worth and extra 25 million. so next mont i will find out about it too.

hawaii is the first of three trips i have scheduled. hawaii just popped up in june and i had to scramble to make it happen.

i am starting in hawaii and then going to texas in september and then to georgia in october. i have one more free car rental and i am going to use it in texas and run up to oklahoma. get me a powerball ticket from there. plus i will get me tickets from texas. i am looking forward to getting a multiplyer on my mega. i also want to get me a texas lotto ticket. texas lotto is at 37 million. it will probably be down to 4 million when i get there. georgia is where i get to run back down to florida for another long term ticket. i have to save up my pennies to make the florida tickets. so i am looking forward to the plane trips going from west to east of this great country.

well i have up dated as much as i can recall. plus stop by weshar75's Blog here on lotto post. he has good stories to tell too.

please mister mega and mister power give me a decent win. i have to pay for college now. i do appreciate all you do for me. just do a little bit more.


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