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Extreme Green...


Tonight was a pretty good night......it started out good with a nice double-digit winner on a $1 ticket.  I got to the $3 tickets....

...and hit that nice monster. Big Grin

The place I played at was kind enough to make a color copy of it and give it to me so I could cash the actual ticket.  Normally, I wait until I get home, scan it, and post it here before I cash a monster.

Had I not been able to cash it, I would have never hit that.....IT'S MY SECOND $500 WINNER!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH BABY!!!!!!!!  IT'S PARTY TIME AGAIN!!!!!!! Big GrinDanceBananaParty

This couldn't have come at a better time.....going to Myrtle Beach soon....LOTS more spending dough!

It's time to update my list of biggest winners in each category again!

$20 tickets:  3 $100 winners, 1 on GA Lottery 15th AnniversaryMillionaire Extravaganza ($50 + $20 + 3 x $10) in July 2008 and 2 onWorld Class Millions -- 5 x $20 in April 2009 and 2 x $40 + $20 in July 2009

$10 tickets:  $500 (EXTREME $50) on Extreme Green -- August 2009

$5 tickets:  $500 (Moneybag $100) on $500,000 Riches -- June 2009

$3 tickets:  $72 (12 x $6 w/gold bar) on Lucky Gold -- February 2009

$2 tickets:  $125 ($100 + $20 + $5) on Loteria -- January 2009

$1 tickets:  $100 (JUMBO $20) on Junior Jumbo Bucks -- April 2005

$0.50:  $40 (381 box) in Cash 3 -- October 2008

Another thing.....I think I may have mentioned that I didn't plan on playing any more tickets until Myrtle Beach.  Well, I got my check today and it was larger than usual (due to working over 35 hours last week) and I had some little inkling today that told me to go about my usual routine of playing on Monday.  I'm so glad I did.

Until next time, may you win some extreme green on your tickets. Smile

Entry #173


mschana-GAComment by mschana-GA - August 18, 2009, 8:44 am
Wow nice...I need to rub into your luck...playing scratch every now and then but surely not winning much like yours...I sure would like a vacation...enjoy your trip
konaneComment by konane - August 18, 2009, 10:03 am
Massive, humongous congratulations!!!!! Hold onto your winning mindset and keep 'em rolling in!!!!
Comment by bdb703 - August 18, 2009, 11:42 pm
Congratulations, on your win! The EXTREME GREEN ticket has been a good one since it came out. If you keep this hot streak up you just might be making a trip to one of the claim centers. Oh, by the way did you notice they did a reprint on this game? They never really say when they do, but the way I can tell is by looking at the number of top prizes left. I believe that EXTREME GREEN had 10 top prizes originally, but now it has 20. I like it when they do this because all the prizes for the whole game are repeated.
Comment by sorensonfan41 - August 19, 2009, 1:58 am
bdb, yes I did notice they did a reprint soon after they launched this game. Shortly afterwards, IIRC, I hit $50 (5 x $10) on an Extreme Green (and also some $15s, $20s, and $25s). If you also notice, they did a MASSIVE reprint of the $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks....because the grand prizes jumped from the 10s or 20s up to over SEVENTY.

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