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Can you still win yesterday's lottery? or Retrocausation (the present affecting the past)


Last Edited: September 6, 2009, 10:36 am

Beginning series of exploring or rather augmenting statistical and probability research with my other interest which is parapsychology.

Below talk given by Professor Garret Moddel University of Colorado at Boulder Exploring the Science Underlying Psi Phenomena, on that retrocausation (the present affecting the past) is one of very recent scientific minded explorations into the world of paranormal.

What is really interesting about retro-causality is that it does not violate 2nd law of thermodynamics (key opposing factor to any form of precognition) there is no logical argument that can be posed (at the moment) that would overthrow retrocausality as physically unsound.

I could compare this idea to Hugh Everett "Many World Interpretation" where the quantum wave collapse is interpreted as continuously splitting (or branching) world event lines, in this theory just as is retrocausality, there is no currently known logical and physical argument that would disprove it. By the same token according to scientific philosopher Karl Popper, since such a theory can not be falsified (disproved) it does not fall into category of valid science.

Talk part 1 of 2

Talk part 2 of 2


1. PsiPhen Laboratory University of Colorado at Boulder


2. "Can you still win yesterday’s lottery? or, retrocausation: is it compatible with known physics?," G. Moddel, Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration, June 27-29, 2008, Boulder, Colorado (slides)


3. Many-worlds interpretation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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