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Presentiment (Intuition) Research: Past, Present, and Future


In the paper written by Doctor Eva Lobach from University of Amsterdam and presented at parapsychology conference in October 2008 (see ref. 4) following definition
is given to presentiment:

Presentiment, also called prestimulus response, involves changes in physiological processes that are related to future stimuli.

Pesentiment is also known as:

  • "anomalous prestimulus response".
  • Presentiment is an unconscious sensing of an event in the future.
  • Presentiment may influence decision making.
  • Presentiment can be measured as physiological changes (heartrate, EEG, skin conductance level, etc.).

Doctor Eva Lobach (quoting from her website, see ref. 2) engages in a formal research regarding intuition:

"... Intuition. I am completing a PhD project about Intuition (with Dick Bierman).

Intuition can be defined as "affectively charged judgments that arise through rapid, non-conscious, and holistic associations." (Dane & Pratt, 2007).

Although intuition involves non-conscious processes, the outcomes of these intuitive processes can somehow be evaluated.

I try to find answers to questions like:

  1. to what extent are physiological changes (heartrate, EEG, etc.) indicative of intuitive processes?
  2. Is intuition helpful in decision making?
  3. Can we improve intuition,
  4. and if so, how can we improve it?
  5. In what types of situations is intuition more likely to happen or be used?
  6. In what way is the use of implicit knowledge the same as or different from intuition?


Presentation paper by Doctor Eva Lobach (see ref. 1) outlines a research programe' (past, current and future) and already contains some intriguing results to quote few points from the paper (what the author also calls Presentiment Hypothesis) :

"Psi-effect will be stronger with threatening stimuli"

"Presentiment-effect is due to unconscious psi-augmented decisions of the experimenter."

"Presentiment-effect will be stronger if consciousness is more coherent" 

"Life is a consequence of advanced waves; all living systems reflect retrocausality"

"Presentiment-effect increases when participants’ minds can act like REGs, i.e., remain undetermined."  (REG= Random Event Generator)


Paper lays nice foundation to the cut edge research to this fascinating subject, ideas quoted such as " Syntropy (Fantappiè, Vannini): Life is a consequence of advanced
waves; all living systems reflect retrocausality" warrant further investigation in the context of retro-causality.


1. Presentiment Research: Past, Present, and Future by Drs. Eva Lobach University of Amsterdam (note: you need Microsoft Powerpoint software or compatible reader to open this document)


2. Drs. Eva Lobach University of Amsterdam website:


3. The Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum


4. PARAPSYCHOLOGY FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES (Utrecht II: Charting the Future of Parapsychology October 15th through October 18th, 2008) Abstracts of Presentations


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