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Gender and Men, Angels, God.


First of all, "Angels" seems to be a word that means messengers, but according to the "Bible" they are more than that, there are or were called sons of "God", be that as it might be, to me they appear to be "Those who do God's will", that is they do as they are told to by God, what-ever that might be and perhaps no questions asked.


Now to the point of this post:

Men (Men and Women) have gender, we use the word "Men" to describe Men and Woman", Men are male and Women are females.



Are God's messengers (Angels) Males or Females or neither (no gender).

People like to draw Angels as beings with female faces and wings.

They are spirits and have no physical body, yet they do have gender they are Males, they are not men they are males.

It seems as if a physical body is not needed in order to have gender.

Some or many people seem to think that Angels either have no gender or that they are females, that is wrong, everything on the Bible points out to their being males:

They have males' names

They take on a male's form

They are call "Sons of God"

They think (thought) that human females are (were) "Fair" and take (took) them as wives.

Angels do not marry each other, but that does not prove anything gender-wise, as their reason for being is to do God's will and not their own will.


What about God's gender if any?

Unlike the Angels, people don't think that he is a female, but some or many think that he is without a gender, that is wrong.

God does have a gender, He is male, it is not a thing of having a physical body as he is spirit.

Everything on the Bible points out to this being true.


What about "Christ", same as God, male.


Some or many people think that God, Christ and the Angels are called men or males as we call all humans "Men" regardless of their sex, but that is not true, God, Christ and the Angels are really males, or if they could have a gender it would be that of males, as spirits having a gender might be such a pointless thing, regardless in relation to humans (all humans) they have chosen to be, act and be seen as males, so as far as we humans are concerned they are males.


These are a few links that I found relating to this post:







Those links are so we can see what some people think and also what the bible says.

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