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Thinking about prediction again.


I have never been able to filter out boxed digits, there are atleast 2 factors, the numbers are boxed from lowest to highest, lowernumbers to the left aand higher numbers to the right, that prevents me,boxed is an artificial thing, the game is really a straight game,another thing is that there are 3 pick 3 positions so 3 of the 10 boxeddigits always come out, not just 1 digit.

Filtering straight digits by position appears to be some what easier.

Ifwe didn't do it this way at first, at some point it might help to tryto go back to prediction basics and study and try to learn how toeither filter out and or predict straight digits by position.

Afterall, if you are able to filter out 2 digits by position without or withvery few failures you would reduce the source of 1000 combinations to:

8x8x8=512Almost half the total of 1000 and take away the 50% advantage that thestate lotteries have, since they hold the drawings themselves and evenhave pre-draws, Etc,  they really have an even greater advantage thanthat.

Also people use programs and many of them need big databases of past draws.

Atleast to start with, you should try to do without much software otherthan the best filtered wheeler that you can get, or at least the sumsand roots chart if trying to win boxed.

You can study longsections of past draws until you get familiar with them and get a fairidea of how the patterns that the numbers make move about, this is notpredicting, just getting used to looking at numbers and patterns.

You need to know what it is that you want and then try to find some way(s) of doing it.

For pick 3 in the end of course we want to be able to predict the whole 3 digit winning number.

But some people might try to do this by trying to predict and or to filter out digits by position first.

Some might try to start with pairs.

And many others might try to work on the whole 3 digits pick 3 number.

Some people might try to work with only digits and or numbers.

Whileothers might also try to use patterns that are assigned to digits andnumbers, that is we give the numbers characteristics, such as theirbeing Low or High, Even or Odd, Etc, the digits-numbers themselvesbeing the first characteristic as ping pong balls are all the same andwhen everthing is the same then it can't be predicted.

If therewere 10 balls painted with 10 colors then the colors would be what wewould be trying to predict as there would be no other characteristicson the ping pong balls.

The more characteristics that can be given to the ping pong balls the more that there is to try to predict if we want to.

Characteristics is what we predict if we can.

Whilelearning we should look and study as many numbers as we can, but oncethat is done, we should try to use as few as we need to, so we won'tneed very big databases of past draws.

If you have software that can give you good predictions then you don't have to worry about learning much of anything.

Thesimpler the prediction method that you can develop the better if it isalso accurate enough, hopefully it won't be a workout that only anastrophysicist can make and use.

For some prediction methods you just have to have the right software(s).


At the moment I am again trying to study the numbers.

So much I just can't do as I only have some softwares and they do only so much.

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