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lotto purchases today


PA doesn't like me. oh well a lot of states don't like me. hahahaha. well i checked my PA powerball ticket and it is a loser.  nothing new about that. i played 2 sets of numbers and only got single number hits  on it. oh well onto the next state. 

washington my home state. well i won again. it has been a long time since i won at home. Skeptical  still a win is a win is a win. i just wish that washington would make theri web page searchable for the wining number. i could take it to the machine and let it check for but i was sitting down to do this and so i just checked on line. i am a $3 dollar winner. woohoo. i didn't even know that the ticket was running out today. so i will be out to buy another ticket after cashing this one and getting anohter one.

well the washington quinto finally made it up over the million dollar level. strange not to have a ticket after so long but i did stop when it dropped back down to 300, 000. man it took a long time for it get back to the million dollar level. i did spend a little more on it than i usually do. i played the cards that i have played for ever. i also played a random pick for the 10 draws i usually play. so my fingers are crossed.

i took that same policy to the megbucks game in oregon. i played my numbers that i have played for a long time. plus i played another set for the same amount of draws but they were random picks. i figure i am not traveling like i usually do so i may as well put a little extra money on the little lotto games i play here locally. the oregon lotto is up there and i could use that money too. i also purchased my powerball tickets there. i will be getting down there a little more often. i am going down there one more time this month to get my powerball ticket.

getting a little closer to my lotto paid for vacation.

i will be cashing in my 3 dollar win for the washington lotto.

talk to you next time.  

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