NY a large state


NY is such a huge state with many people and so many big time gamblers, im surprised that they don't use the information on this site, Where are they ? Since i have been a member i have only talked with  a few, they must be shy. so many people are looking for predictions  for all games, i see magazines and hit sheets on news stands Friends of mine and business associates ask me about number predictions for different states and i give them this web site. i would like to know if their are more of us new yorkers on here and if there are were are your posts and predictions, so we can co compare notes

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I use this site everyday. I live in Queens,NYC, went to Ramapo High in Spring Valley. Could use more help with numbers.
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I'm from Queens, NY. I have been observing LP for about 6 months now. Have to say, that I'm quite pleased with the wealth of information and analysis that is offered. I only joined last week. See my latest posts in "Instant ("Scratch-Off") Games" on "How to pick a winning scratch off" and "There are a Few Good Ones in NY". Some good tips there in my opinion. I started playing the lottery in mid-June of last year. I'll never forget the first day I played Numbers and Win4 on one summer evening after work. For some reason I decided to pick 119 and 220. Those numbers just came to my head. They didn't hit in the eve. But the very next day, 119 str8! I've been chasing the 220 ever since. I should have definitely seen the 202 coming after the 333 on 8/13/05! It was a Saturday, woke up late, and was running a few errands so I missed the midday draw...like I usually do on the weekends. :) The 202 on 8/13/05 was interesting because a year ago, 8/13/04, was a Friday...Friday the 13th. I actually hit the 313 for a box that day. So here we are, one year later and a -1 on all the digits results in 202. I've definitely noticed some interesting patterns with both Numbers and Win4. I actually played 4019 on the eve of 8/27/05 for a $100 win. The 1640 was drawn practically one week before that. I had a hunch that the 6 was going to flip to a 9. I guess I was right. Just last week the 0649 was drawn...today the 6994. The 0 went -1 to a 9. Didn't play it, but should have guessed. I have a feeling that a triple is due very soon. I like the 5888, 2229, 4440. I was SO close to the 2223 on 7/29/05. It was staring me right in the face. A week before then on the 22nd, it was 3221! Just a +1 on the 1.

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