Wishing On A Star Really Works



Posted on Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
By Maleeka Spriggs

MELBOURNE – Your dreams are 46.5 percent more likely to come true if you gaze into the heavens – and wish for them on a star!

That’s the word from probability expert Kenyon Smith, who conducteda five-year study of adult men and women and found that those whowished for things “on stars” were much more apt to report that theirdreams had, in fact, come true.

“This is highly significant,” said the Melbourne, Australia-based expert, whose exciting new book, When We Wish, is slated for a fall release.

“For one thing, it suggests that the probability of somethinghappening can be influenced by thought and desire and possibly evensupernatural intervention in human affairs.

“The implications are fascinating. But for the layman, it’s probablyenough to know that wishing on stars can increase your chances ofhaving a dream come true,” said Smith.

Smith decided to study the effects of wishing on stars after his 4-year-old daughter asked if the kiddie rhyme Star Light, Star Bright, which suggests that wishing on a star will make your dreams come true, was based in fact.

On a whim, he undertook the study. And he quickly found evidence to suggest that wishing on stars “is a smart thing to do.”

“I decided to keep the study going and as time went on, the validity of the rhyme became more and more evident,” said Smith.

“As a matter of coincidence, you would expect about 4 percent of people to realize their dreams after wishing on stars.

“But 46.5 percent goes way beyond chance. Clearly, there is a directlink between the way we wish and the chances that our wish will becomereality.

“My study will continue,” he added. “Meanwhile, I strongly advisepeople to wish on stars if they really want their dreams to come true.You really have nothing to lose.”

According to Smith, most people who wish on stars follow these basicrules: “They make their wish silently on the first star they see atnight,” he said. “And they don’t tell anyone what their wish was. Theykeep it to themselves.”


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Avatar Jani Norman -
you know I was none believing about it also, until when i was real young one time I remember some girlfriends and I did it as a dare one evening we were out late looking up at the stars, and I happen to see the first star of the evenng and said something about what I had read about it working and needless to say, we all just did not talk about it anymore, but there is a saying that goes with this also, that says be careful what you wish for......and yes some of the wishes I have received have turned out to be regrets also...:-0
Avatar LadyMylena -
I hope so! I wished on a couple of falling stars in December, and my wish hasn't come true yet, but I'm patiently waiting! ;-)
Avatar TigerAngel -
That is way cool! Thnx for posting it!

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