My Computer Crashed



After having run a anti-spyware program and tried to restart the computer, it would not restart, I guess that some of the files that were infected and then deleted by the anti-spyware program were important.

Right now I am here at LP and using my Pc due to a CD that I have that allows me to run a sort of small operating system from CD to the memory-ram of the Pc, in other words, this operating system is in memory-ram not on the hard drive.

It has FireFox on it, so I am here on the Internet.

I do have a copy, should or might be a good or at least good enough copy maybe of my original WinXP installation on another hard drive and I also have the needed software to tranfer that WinXP installation onto this hard drive, as I use the other hard drive just for storage of the original WinXP installation just in case of problems such as I have right now.

I will do the fixing either later Tonight or some other day soon.


This is the very first time that I boot from CD an operating system (maybe, can't remember).

At first I had trouble getting on the Web.


This goes to show that when you learn enough about computers, you can still get on the web and also fix installation problems no matter what.

But you have to be ready from before, from before you have the computer problem(s).

I been ready for a long time, just so when I have Pc problems I can fix them.


I can't and won't give details about this CD boot operating system, as I really could not anyway as I don't remember how I made it.


But you might or should be able to do almost the same using a Linux CD.


Running an operating system from CD and then memory, might be safer for Internet browsing, maybe, but I am not sure, I don't know if malware could still get downloaded onto the hard drive or not.


I can even download and run programs as if the operating system was on the hard drive or at least many, but not all programs, I can also download and see pictures.

I just downloaded a poker game and installed it, but had to install it on the desktop, there are some limitations to what can be done when you run an operating system from CD onto ram and not use the hard-drive.


It is fun to test this and good for emergencies.


My Operating system shows here at LP right now as being WinXP, but it is not the regular WinXP from the hard-drive installation, but the WinXP from the CD installation to Live-Ram-Memory.

This is to only be used for emergencies, I don't think that it is legal for everyday use, but as I bought my computer with a WinXP intall on it, I guess that it is O.K., also it might not work if there is not already some kind of a WinXP installation on the hard drive, maybe even if it is not working right now as mine is not.


Some other time, I will delete these faulty WinXP installs and partitions and copy from another hard drive to this, what might be a good install, that is if that one is not also infected, that will have to be checked after the installation is transfered from one drive to the other.

At least I didn't lose any downloaded programs.


Otherwise, it might be time to try a brand new (Clean) Win 2000 Install or a WinXP one.


I might be getting used to booting WinXP from CD, that means that in the new future I might try to do the same using a Linux CD.


I do have a multiboot hard drive, that on it is sectioned with many partitions and copies of WinXP, but all were "Infected", I hope that the original WinXP copy on another hard drive is not also infected.

Sometime soon or on the next weekend I will check that.


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Avatar Todd -
Windows XP is a security nightmare. Windows 7 is much more secure, and if you add the free Microsoft Security Essentials, plus the built-in Windows Firewall, you'll have all the virus protection you'll need. And did I mention it's free?
Avatar LANTERN -
I didn't want to try Windows Vista, but I might try Windows 7 sometime, if it wasn't because most software and hardware made is or are for MS Windows, I would switch to Linux.
Avatar TigerAngel -
Sorry to hear about your puter troubles. Hope you are back on track soon Lantern!
Avatar LANTERN -

Thanks a lot!
I just did more testing, the "Live" WinXP CD, does not need any operating system installed already anywhere on the hard drive, that is I can boot from the WinXP CD no matter what is or is not on the hard drive, it is completely independent of anything else, but it was made for emergencies not to be used all the time every day, but if a person wanted to, it could be used everyday, but when the Pc is turned of or restarted whatever was on the Pc memory gets erased-deleted, including the WinXP mini operating system, it is just like the old 8 bit computers used to be, as the operating system get loaded from the CD every time, it starts fresh, whatever changes get done why using it get undone when the Pc is turned off or restarted, nothing to get corrupted nor infected, if all the a person would want to do is browsing the Internet and or posting it might be the best way to go.
And as I said before, you can still download and install programs on memory and or maybe install and or use from other ways.
But sooner or later I will just put a regular WinXP installation again on the hard drive.
But maybe in the future also when I browse the net, I will do it using the WinXP boot CD that I am using right now, I don't yet know.
Avatar LANTERN -
I don't yet test to see if I can in this way also run-use some of the lottery programs that I have or not, it does seem as if this mini OS can run-use many programs, maybe very many of them, but not all of them.
No time to test lottery programs right now.
Avatar LANTERN -
Well, the problem that I had with the computer is over.
At this time now I have a good WinXP installation and have no longer malware, that is the computer is no longer infected.
I have now gone to some extra trouble to make it a harder for my Pc to get new infections and to make it easier for me to "cure" them if and when I do get them, if I do again get any new ones.

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