Winning Probabilities of Patterns Of Past Winning Numbers.


I don't know where to post this at, so I am posting it on my blog.

I don't know anything about Math, not the first nor the last (Thing).

So therefore I might be wrong about somethings that I (Say) write about.

"They" say that the winning number(s) is (Are) brought about by (A series) of "Random" events.

So then if that is true (I don't know), I would think that whatever (Factors) lead(s) to "The winning number(s)" can't be found out.

If all the digits and numbers have the same chance of getting to be the winning numbers, then those that get to be winning numbers, did not have no particular past statistics that set them appart from non winning numbers, that is that winning numbers to be, can't be found out (Predicted) by their past statistics, that is by the past statistics of their patterns.

If that is so, then predicted numbers would be no better than random numbers.


It might be illogical, but I still think that the main problem with prediction is not the so called random, but that the state wants to make lottery money and they are the ones who hold the drawings, so it would be to their best interest to make as much money as possible from the sale of lottery tickets.


Trying to rate the "Winning Probability" of patterns is very hard or impossible to do for somebody with little to no knowledge of Math.

So one question might be: How do you rate the winning probability of patterns?

Is there any such thing as "Winning Probability" of patterns, Is that something possible to do with Math, or with whatever?

What are the "Winning Statistics" of particular patterns (If any), versus the "Non-Winning Statistics"?


Can the study of the past winning numbers help in increasing the chances of winning, or not?


There were and are prediction softwares that were and are  so close, the people who made them knew and know so much (I guess), too bad that they didn't and know just a little bit more.

Softwares make prediction so much easier or less hard.

Too bad that Simulotto and MaxHitPro are no more.


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IMHO, math will never be the tool which will produce a profitable strategy for playing the lottery. If math was the answer, do you not think some egg-head in some university would have discovered the algorithym by now? So forget math. You do not need it.
So what can we use?
I believe you, in your early days, had the right direction but you did not go far enough.

Avatar LANTERN -

A problem is that some or many people don't know how to go about predicting in a right way.
I didn't go far enough, I limited and I am still limiting myself in many ways, that is right.
I didn't and still don't want to get into too many things.
I could not find anybody who knew at least as much as I did about prediction and was willing to work together.
The very few people who wanted "To Help" really wanted help and could not help me, they wanted me to teach to them what I know and they could only understand and learn a portion of what I taught, they had their own ideas and maybe those ideas helped to prevent them from better understanding what I taught.
In the end, they didn't learn enough to be of help to me.
Also, those who make software seem to want to limit their software, they don't seem to want to make their software as advanced as possible, they only want to go so far, that puts a lot of limitations on what they software can help do.
Not having software that does what is needed prevents from doing what is needed in order to win.
Well, thanks a lot for your post.
Math can be of help, but those who know Math, don't know what to do with it, they have no idea what prediction is all about, they don't know "The Logics Of Prediction" (maybe Logics is not a word).

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