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Amplifying Precognition


Last Edited: June 9, 2010, 10:59 pm

Recently I came across this research paper [1] , it is unusual to encounter description of engineering device/software that in a serious way and under academic conditions performs amplification of PSI phenomena, such devices are long available to military organizations since the Cold War, they have nothing to do with pseudo-scientific explanations such as given in the public media (for decades now), rather they serve to study and amplification of "psycho-metric" data .

Software itself is used to detect subtle patterns in the subject decision/control/action and via repetition builds memory of these and generate feedback loops, which in turn leads to amplifying effects, such in the case of this study: precognition.

Paper reports significant skewing of the medium when this technique was applied against game of Roulette.

Interestingly paper quotes Czech scientist Milan Ryzl (former biophysicist who became one of the leading KGB resources in the area of psychotronics). Psychotronics name was used by the Soviets (as opposed to parapsychology in the US) because they were very much interested in man-machine interactions (electronics) especially in the area of mind-control and manipulation, they took this idea to a next level and incorporated psychology, hence psycho-tronics.

It is in my estimation, this area of study never stopped and continues, this experiment was shut down around 1981, at the peak of Stargate (in US) and psychotronics (in the Soviet Union) which does not make sense if only from their operational standpoint.



[1] Amplifying Precognition Four Experiments with Roulette http://www.parapsychologie.at/programm/ws200809/Kugel_PA.pdf

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