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We had the double threes in the midday and we were looking for the 492 and we had the 204 even a combo bet was a loser this eve. Do you remember what my blog said last night ? OK i will take it for granted that you all read it. The 864 that i predicted to play in the pick four did play as 4682 Did anyone have it? I did i played the 8642 combination and had a 2 dollar box hit worth four hundred dollars, not bad for this week so far and the week is far from over. we have some serious work ahead of us if we are going for another straight hit in the pick three for the midday and eve. draws. I still like the doubles for the midday draw on Tuesday. i will be back with my final selections later . good luck thousandair

Entry #242


srpnyComment by srpny - October 10, 2005, 10:59 pm
I played the 864....4,6 and 8, not the 2. What a bummer!!!!!
I'm really looking forward to getting a hit during this bonus week. I'll be watching for you selections.
Thanks and good luck to all
RollingComment by Rolling - October 11, 2005, 1:59 pm
Today we've seen the 941 in the midday for Numbers and 9302 in Win4! That was such a nice draw! I boxed the 149. By the way, those were your b-day numbers in the Win4!! I have been out of action for the past few days and it has cost me...I blame this cursed weather. After the 334 yesterday, I was thinking 420, 402...but I didn't play. That 923 would have been sweet if I only played...I was not surprised to see it. Congrats on that one though and enjoy the win.

The 163 on Saturday was significant for me. I went out on a limb and played it straight and box. The numbers on my license plate are 163. Last week I ran into someone who needed help. He was stuck with his whole family because he couldn't start his car. I helped him by giving him a jump-start. He was very thankful. I really do believe that when you do a good deed, it will come back to you. I like to think that my car thanked me for helping someone else.
thousandairComment by thousandair - October 11, 2005, 3:46 pm
Good work rolling, I beleive that what you do for others comes back to you three fold, I was once told by a wiccan witch that is the way of the universe. Keep on giving and it will return to you . I had the 492 combo and 9240 in the midday draw . Well time to look at tonights picks. Again goodluck

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