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I am right now trying out a Linux Live Cd, what that means is that I put the CD on the CD-DVD drive and re-start the Pc then the Pc boots-up Linux from the CD into memory, that is, Linux is not installed onto the hard drive it is only in the pc's ram memory.

It allows me to get on the Internet and browse and I am right now using it to do this with it.

But this particular Linux live CD doesn't seem to have the Adobe Flash Player so I can't get videos on the Web.

It might be maybe because this is just for safe browsing, this is a special Linus Live CD.

I will in the future try to use one that might let me see and hear videos.

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Avatar Todd -
You know what's even better and easier? Install a copy of VMWare, and you can install as many different operating systems as you like, each running in their own virtual machine. For example, if I want to test something in Ubuntu, I just fire up my Ubuntu virtual machine, test it, and close it down when I'm done. No rebooting or other disruptive actions.
Avatar LANTERN -

Thanks, I might just try that, but not with the VMWare, with another "Virtual Machine" program.

I might have a use for "Virtual" operating systems installations, but even so, I might still have a use for a "Live" Linux CD, unless the virtual machine installation can't ever get corrupted, like operating systems used to be "burned" on rom memory chips, not installed on hard drives so they could not be permanently changed, all changes made were on ram memory, those operating systems could not get "damaged", they were static-inert.
If virtual machines are like such then they have some uses, if not, then they have some other uses, either way they will have some kind of use, the special Linux Live CD that I have has its own use anyway, as it is not a "regular" Live Linux CD.
Thanks much!
By the way, there is nothing wrong with my Windows hard drive installations, I was just testing that CD.

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