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33 ON THE Front pair NY


Hello there people, its still raining here in NY and we did see the 33 in the front pair, for those of you who play the pairs in the win four game congratulations you had a nice hit worth 50.00 for every dollar wagered, 3310 came out in the four way, and the 692, yes the 692 and not that 492 that we were waiting for better luck this eve.Just a quick note for next week they are running a four digit bonus week from 10/16 Thur 10/22 and the prizes will be 20% higher like the three digits are this week. We are definitely looking for that last hit of the week tonight or tomorrow so its time for me to get back to do more research for a good huge hit. Thousandair

Entry #249


RollingComment by Rolling - October 14, 2005, 4:33 pm
Yeah, I played a few numbers with the 33 in them, just not the 3310. I was really thinking about playing pairs though with the 33...I wish I did. I hardly play them, but maybe I should give them a try every once in a while...perhaps during the bonus week.

On the eve of 7/11/05, we saw the 0331. Maybe it would be a good idea to combine some numbers that appeared slightly before and after 7/11/05 for a hit tonight.

I think it's always a good idea to consider the behavior of the numbers when looking back at a previous draw that had the same digits. If you look back a few days before 7/11/05, to the 8th of that month, we saw the 1440 in the midday and 1404 in the eve. Maybe the 3310 will repeat in a different order tonight!

I have a strong feeling though, that a triple is nearing in the Win4 game. With a number like 3310 being drawn today, I wouldn't be surprised to see something like 0200, 3000, 2220, 2221, 2229, 2411...you get the idea.

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