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Odds and probability are two different things...


Last Edited: September 12, 2010, 8:41 am

1) There are around 387 unique combinations in the last 500 draws, at any given moment in a lottery history. 387/500 = 77.4%.

2) There are around 494 unique combinations in the last 692 draws. 494/692 = 71.4%. 
3) There are around629 unique combinations in the last 1000 draws. 629/1000 = 62.9%. 
4) There are around 772 unique combinations in the last 1500 draws. 772/1500 = 51.5%. 

5) There are around 850 unique combinations in the last 2000 draws. 850/2000 = 42.5%. (The “sweet spot”, or "the most bang for the buck". Play 85% of the outcomes, for a “success frequency” of around '9 out of 10'. Increase, you said? You mean, the bet after losses or too few wins? You make the call. My “call” may be expensive for you…) 
6) There are around 950 unique combinations in the last 3000 draws. 950/3000 = 31.7%
The random combinations strongly follow the tendency “imposed” by FFG.

              Getting every possible combination in N trials is impossible for all intents and purposes in lottery games.

 It is possible .....as they say but improbable. Such a probability is lower than the probability of the Earth reversing itself and spinning in the other direction.  LOL

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