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Die Hard Multi-Lottery Pool Game V



Die Hard Multi-Lottery Game V



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-Thomas Fuller






Cash Five

I’m sad to report we had run out of Cash Five tickets. Unless we win something else this game will have no more Cash Five tickets.


Texas Two-Step




We are down to one ticket in the Texas Two-Step Game. However we did win again in this area.


1 of 4 + BB

$ 7


2 - 22 - 28 - 33 (16)


So with the $10.00 I had from Cash Five and last night’s seven, we have $17.00. I didn’t buy anymore Texas Two Step tickets.

The next game is held on Monday October 24th, 2005. And it’s for $325,000.00. If this group wins, we collect $36,111.11 each. That is before any attorney fee’s, taxes or tithes.


Our only ticket expires on Thursday November 3rd, 2005.




Lotto Texas

We now have one ticket in Lotto Texas. That ticket is good for one drawing, which is Saturday October 22nd, 2005.


It’s worth $9 Million, with Cash Option being $4,500,000.00. With 9 of us playing, we each should get $500,000.00 each. (That is only an estimate.) And that figure is before any Attorney fee’s, taxes or tithes. But, it’s enough to pay off my back taxes, so I’m willing to settle for this amount.

Mega Millions



We normally don’t get Mega Million in this game. We can, because it’s a Texas Game, and we handle all Texas Games. But, since I run a Mega Million Lottery Pool, I rarely ever purchase this game for this group.


We had $17.00 to spend, and this game is coming to a close. I did lose one Member and since I don’t overlap Die Hard games, this will need to expire before I can start Die Hard VI.


But, I wanted us to go out with a bang. I spend $1.00 in Lotto Texas; the last $16.00 was spent in this game.


You have two numbers, both numbers are Megaply! And your ticket is good in tonight’s drawing and all Mega Million drawing up to and including the game on Tuesday November 1st, 2005. (I did that because our last ticket in this game is Texas Two-Step on November 3rd, 2005 and I didn’t want to continue extending this game.)


We did lose one member. I have 8 of us who paid their dues for September. I only have two people who have paid for October.




Remember in this game your $10.00 is due on the 30th of each month. If you want to continue in this game, you will need to have $10.00 to me by October 30th, 2005.


I don’t overlap Die Hard games, so Game VI can only start when all tickets in Game V expires.


Our last ticket will expire on November 3rd, 2005. That means that I will start Die-Hard VI will start their game on November 4th, 2005.


That gives me plenty of time to canvass for new members. Their may not be any more than six of us playing in the next game. To keep things fair any new member would have to pay $20.00 to join. (Sept and October dues).


On November 4th, I will use all the money I’ve collected for September and October to start Game VI. So if you want to play in the next game, be sure to have me your October dues no later than October 30th, 2005. (Since I’m off that day you should be paying me out of your October 15th, paycheck.)


This game now has $0.00 cash in it. I’ve spend all your winning on more tickets. If we have no more wins, the on Friday October 4th, 2005 Game VI will start.


I’m e-mailing a friend of mine in Oklahoma. I will see if I can entice her to join our group, because I would like to start including Power Ball in this game.


Oklahoma is joining Power Ball in either December 2005 or January 2006. I’m going to see if Trudy would be willing to buy our Power Ball tickets for us.


So get ready for Game VI.


Your tickets are attached on a separate page, or if you get this as an e-mail, it will be attached to your e-mail.






Entry #35


Comment by CASH Only - October 22, 2005, 11:18 am
OK joins Powerball in mid-January.

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