Web Site Building By Example , Web Page Has A BackGround Now.


If you know next to nothing about HTML (HyperText MarkUp Language) don't let that stop you from building a Web Site, build by example as I do.

Also there are very many free Web Page building tutorials on the World Wide Web.

A web page is a blank file that is named index.html and that is opened by you web browser and all that it shows is a white background as it is empty because there is nothing on it, untill you right click it with your mouse and then click on "View Page Source" and then you start to add the HTML code to it on it.


Now go to my Web Page or to any other web page and with your mouse right click on the page and then click on:

View Page Source

Now you will see some of the HTML code that build that web page, I said some, because the rest is somewhere online on the "Space" where the web page is at.

Such as pictures, sound files, data files, etc.

A more detailed kind of explanation and or tutorial at some later time soon, now look at my site and I know next to nothing about HTML.


My ISP only gives me 10 Mega Bytes for web site space and that is what that site has, if you have more space then you can also have video there for people to see, I might maybe still be able to have a very short section of video there just to show that it can easily be done, but later on that, as it is now I have streaming music sound there I loaded there Beethoven's 5th symphony there, but only the 1st movement, if your audio is turned on you can hear it as soon as you go to the site, no need to click on anything, just turn your Pc's audio on.

While I loaded only 1 song, if I have enough web space I can load as many songs as I want and they will play 1 after the other 1 time untill all of them have played.

Adding the background image was very easy, adding the audio was a little harder, but not too much.

Soon in the future I will try to see if with the little space that I have left if I can still have a very short video clip there for people to play, video takes a lot of space on web sites and also on hard drives.

10 MegaBytes is almost nothing at all and that is all that I have there, there are places that give you more web site space, but have some other linitations, any-way I might later sometime try those and see if video can be loaded and played there.

Well no tutorial by example yet, but maybe later sometime.

Adding the calendar there was also a simple thing to do, the hard thing was finding an HTML calendar.

A counter might also be put there sometime later, just to show how easy it is to put it in there, it will count how many times the site has been visited.

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Avatar Tenaj -
Lantern, this remind me when I built my first webpage. I got stumped on "point your browser" because I had to build a database from cpanel. Now i just do Joomla and use plugins.

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