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New FireFox 4 Beta 9.


I was just testing that new version of FireFox, it is on a Beta stage, it was freezing as I was trying to use it here at L.P.

I don't know what the problem is, but either it is not ready yet or L.P. is not ready for it yet.

Either way, I just quit using it and deleted it, I was trying the portable version and I find that somehow it changed a little my 3.6.12 version of Firefox, it was not a good idea maybe to have both of them at the same time, even if I was only using 1 of them at a time.

I must say that this older Firefox version is also portable, whenever I can I use portable software instead of the ones that have installers, but no matter what, they don't seem to be completelly self contained on their own folder, some stuff seems to "leak" out of it elsewhere.

They say that Google's browser is the fastest now, but I have not tried it and I might not anyway as I like Firefox, at least so far I do.

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Comment by GASMETERGUY - January 25, 2011, 12:44 pm
I use FireFox also. I have found that in some cases I can not cut and paste. So I go to IE for that and return promptly to FireFox. I get fewer viruses with Firefox. If only they would fix the cut and paste function, I would be completely happy.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - January 25, 2011, 10:25 pm

With Firefox we have always been able to copy and paste by using:


Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + V = Paste

But somehow now I can just HighLight Rth Click and Lth Click on Copy and then Paste on the regular way, for me
somehow that old limitation of Firefox has been lifted.
Now I can Copy and Paste any-way that I want with Firefox.

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