Even if you already know a language or if you are not 100% proficient at it, using online automatic machine translators can help you and also save you a lot of time, yes, you will have to make some corrections, but doing the translating in this way for some people like me can be the only way to go as when I look at a Spanish text i can tell if it has mistakes on it and then I with the help of online dictionaries and translators make corrections, but if I want to write something all by myself without using any help, I will have a lot of trouble, maybe not always, but often enough, speaking and reading is a lot easier to do.

Anyhow, I did the initial from English to Spanish LSA text translation and I was sent a "Free" registration code for that program so I can use it, yes, it took some time and effort to do the translation, but it looks as if it might be of some help for the jackpot lottery games maybe, of course that is to yet be seen, as I have not tried it and won't for some time.

So far the translation's text lines where 204 and most of those lines were very short, there might be some other lines to translate later, but if so I will do them when I have the time to do them.

It is good practice anyway as it makes me remember more Spanish.

LSA seems to predict future random numerical trends based on statistics of the past winning numbers.

TinyMCE this here text editor that the Lottery Post uses is very good, it even has a built in spellchecker option, but a simple one.



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