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Trump for president?


Last Edited: April 15, 2011, 10:41 pm

Why not? People wil vote for anybody, same as has always been done and probably has as most of a chance as just about anybody out there right now, well some have even less of a chance than him, but too early to say much of anything about it.

Seems to me that as this time probably Trump has no less of a chance than Obama at getting elected at the next time, not that Obama has a great chance nor anything, but too early yet.


As to the old basic posts, I don't yet know, but they might be over, even if they are not finished yet.

As RJOH has said in the old days there was a lot of basic info and examples that a person could study, most of that is now gone, if I had kept at it like RJOH I would also had learned old basic programming and I do think that I had enough ability that I would have been able to do it in time little by little, but it takes so very much study, thinking and practice, I am already getting tired of this as it is and besides it probably is just a waste of time as there is no way that I can learn enough as there is just not enough info nor support and most or all people keep that they already know to themselves, even on the old days relatively few people knew enough and were good enough to make any kinds of good programs other than maybe make some few more or less good games, I don't remember ever seen any lottery related programs on the books and magazines.

As for non lottery applications there already are many of them, good lottery programs there are not enough of them yet.

I don't think that many people read the posts of most people, the views (hits) are probably just from the search engines looking for info when ever they are used by people.

For the most part the blogs are just for people to keep info there for their own use, as any time later is more or less easy to find have you have put there unless you are like some who have way to many posts and who fill their blogs with thousands of trash posts.

Most of the info on forums, blogs and on the Internet is just trash, but the same applies to news, newspapers, magazines, radio and T.V, that is life.

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