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The matter of the debt ceiling


I was thinking what could be done if it goes down to the wire for passage of raising the debt ceiling.

Do a search for "national emergency powers of the president" it is a pdf file which I downloaded and read.


an excerpt:

National Emergency Powers

Federal law provides a variety of powers for the President to use in response to

crisis, exigency, or emergency circumstances threatening the nation. Moreover, they

are not limited to military or war situations. Some of these authorities, deriving from

the Constitution or statutory law, are continuously available to the President with

little or no qualification. Others — statutory delegations from Congress — exist on

a stand-by basis and remain dormant until the President formally declares a national

emergency. These delegations or grants of power authorize the President to meet the

problems of governing effectively in times of crisis. Under the powers delegated by

such statutes, the President may seize property, organize and control the means of

production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law,

seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of

private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United

States citizens. Furthermore, Congress may modify, rescind, or render dormant such

delegated emergency authority.

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