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percent rate of change


One mathematical concept which might be applied to any lottery analysis comes from Calculus.  At one time (back in the 1600's) egg-heads did not know how to calculate the slope of a curve on a graph.  They knew that any curve . .  well . . . curves.  What they did not know was how much their curves changed over time.

Along comes Newton and his calculus.  Problem solved.

So how can we mere mortals incorporate this into our search for the holy grail?  We can use "percent of rate of change".   Use this formula.


(vpresent - vpast) /  vpast * 100 =  %


Let me explain a bit.  VPRESENT might the the sum of the drawn numbers.  VPAST might the the sum of the previously drawn numbers.  Plug in the values and see what you get.  This formula can be used with 3,4,5, or 6 drawn numbers.  The key will be finding some use for the results.

Good luck and happy researching.

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