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Computer Boot-Up Time BenchMark, Fast or Slow? And What About After Boot, Stays Fast or Slow?


Last Edited: May 8, 2011, 1:12 pm

I have a WinXP computer that is some years old and it was never not even close to being a really very good one, only about 2 gigs of memory on it, it can't take more and not the best CPU nor motherboard either, kind of a more or less Regular So So Pc.

Most people here should not be much interested in this, but for the very few-ones, if anybody at all:

This is very slow, but is in great part due to:

I have a "MultiBoot" hard drive system.

A log on password must be entered.

Those things of course slow the time it takes the computer to boot.

There of course are very many other factors involved.


8 Sec Real Boot Time, the total time for everything and I mean everything is about 1 Minute, after all it is a multiboot hard drive and I have a password setup on it.

I don't have very many programs installed on this partition right now, otherwise it would take much longer.

I am not an expert nor anything on this, so I can only do a few things to keep boot times down.

Others could instead of 8 Seconds maybe go down to about 4 Seconds or better, but if so there might be trade-offs of performance in some way or ways, after all it might not be wise to shut-down too much stuf.


While fast boot times might be good to have, we might also want the computer to stay fast on all that it does after boot time is over, Do programs take a lot of time to start?, Are programs slow in the things that they do? Is the computer slow in all or in most things that it does?


Learning some about computers might help people


Is your computer Full of MalWare, such as Viruses, Trojans, Etc and you don't know how to "Clean It" and later How to keep it from getting reinfected?

Are you ready to throw it away and get another-one? And the same things will soon happen to the new computer.


I guess that instead of learning people just keep on getting new computers, it is less trouble to them, never mind whatever software they lose everytime and some of it can't replace.


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