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Mega Million Lottery Pool Game 21


Game 21 of the mega Million Lottery Pool


Today's Quote

Do not ask the Lord to guide your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet.



I’ve now been doing this for 22 months. I would have thought I would have won by now. Any day now, any day.

The Mega Million has really come a long way, from the first seven members. And since that first game, we have NOT missed a drawing.

This group has 24 members, not my largest group, but much larger than other groups playing in the United States.

I sold 35 shares in this game. In Game 20, I first allow people to purchase ½ shares. I continued this practice in this game, in hopes that those who could not afford $10.00 could afford $5.00.

Game 20 (which is still playing) had 25 people in their pool. Most of the folks, in this pool, come to me from the previous game. I did lose some people.

I was able to get three new members.

Whenever you leave, you generally come back. I had four rejoins.

I have 18 people who came with me from Game 20. Most of these people have been with me a long long time, so I have stopped putting on these first newsletters the rules of the game. I have a separate attachment for the new people and anyone who wants to refresh their memory.

I attached a Membership List with the first newsletter. You can see who you’re playing with and how many shares each person purchase. While I have only 24 people in the club, there are 35 shares issued.

The Mega Million is played on Tuesday and Friday’s. You will always get at least one update a week from me, mostly on Saturday. My members will tell you I make an effort to send out a newsletter after each drawing--win or lose.

You can always pay in advance for any of the games in the future. I will always have a list at the end of my newsletters telling you about the next game and who’s in it.

Newsletters usually don’t take that long to do, but sometimes I do get windy and have things to tell you. Starting a new Game is always a hassle and it’s an all day project. I’m starting to do some things differently to save myself sometime.

So the membership list you get for this game as an attachment will be my new format for the next game membership. Right now I keep a Notepad in Yahoo to keep track of my members. Then like today I type up list. Going forward I will begin to do the next game list as a word document and just attach to my e-mails.

Now with this group I’ve done something different. You will still get your tickets (I have already scanned all of them), but you will also get a Number List for all our numbers in order of the Mega Ball. This will be an easy reference for those of you would check our tickets.

It, also, has another purpose. Whenever you buy Quick Picks you end up with lots of duplicate Mega Balls and some none at all. In past games I have manipulate the Mega Balls so we would have all the Even Balls or all the Odd Balls. Now, I have try everyway imaginable to figure out a way to win this damn Jack Pot. You simply can’t do it, the only thing you can do is better your odds. Since you are now in a large pool you have 35 numbers you will be playing for 10 straight draws. This is $350 dollars worth of tickets. So right off you have improved your odds of winning.

These tickets are all Quick Picks and we have done better than most other times. We only have 06, 43, 44 duplicated twice. The number 30 you have three times! But we don’t have 01, 04, 07, 10, 16, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 29, 33, 34, 37, 40, and 41.

So with any winnings I may use numbers we have had in previous games, or just manipulate the picking of the Mega Ball. I don’t see any reason we could not have all the Mega Balls on our last draw.

Okay in tonight’s drawing: The Jack Pot is worth $43 Million. Remember in this group we only play Cash Option. I have found that the Ohio Lottery Web Site gives you the most current Cash Option amount, so that will be where I get my info from. You can always check it yourself by going to www.ohiolottery.com

The Cash Option in tonight’s drawing is:


That means each share would get $727,395.37. The chart below shows you want you win by the shares you purchased.

Number of Shares

Amount Won

One Half






Two and One Half


Three and One Half


Okay I won’t make you read anymore. The drawing is in a few hours and I still need to proof read, print and e-mail this out. I have a lot of attachments with this first e-mail, so you could get more than one e-mail from me. The good news is that most of you are getting this as an e-mail, and I only have to print 3 copies! (That is great news for me.)

In future updates you will get you Joke and The Next Game notice here.

Good Luck,



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