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God Bless!!!


Got up early this morning(even though I am still off of work with the flu)and went to a local church to donate some used toys and clothes.There was a line backed up all the way to the end of the street with people in need.I took my stuff in as soon as I layed it down people started grabbing it quickly.It just makes you think we should all be grateful for what we have.It was cold outside and some did not even have a coat!I know those toys will most likely be some childs Christmas gift! God Bless Everyone This Christmas!!!!(and remember no matter how bad you have it there is always someone who is worse off than you)

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cv844Comment by cv844 - December 22, 2005, 12:31 am
buddyvenComment by buddyven - December 22, 2005, 3:06 am
Following all your illness, man there is a good recipe for killing your flu, this one is great for this people that lives in Colombia best say Bogotá, and this is called "changua" its main ingredient is "milk" and just a little piece of onion and garlic (most perfect natural anthibiotic) with a slight salt heat it in your stove and then before serving just break some pieces of bread inside this soup. and there you have it. At every morning is really nice to drink it, may be it sounds not really delicious for anyone, but when you taste it for your first time you will know what i'm talking about. This kind of soup was really brought to Southamerica by Spanish people that conquered these countries, the other thing is if you smoke (if you don't, do not pay attention to this) you are loosing all the antibodies and vitamins that your whole body needs, i tell you this because i was a big smoker 20 cigarrettes a day for 22 years, now Im 40, and i quited cigarrete a year ago, and now im felling really wonderful, eating too much fruit, vegetables and some fish, meat, and chiken evenly, it was really hard to quit, but i programmed my brain by NLP by my own. Other stuff that must use is vitamins, not only C vitamin, go to your local drugstore and get a all Vitamin set in a cap, if you make this you are going to see what happens to your flu, about when you were out in the streets, let me tell you something, may be if you have spare money, try to go to a cheapest store that sells the most cheapest coats and try to give away some of them, (most to little kids) you will feel much better and your whole life will be grateful. Any comments please luiseherrerag@hotmail.com
Comment by shalini - December 22, 2005, 6:13 am
buddyven is right about that...one of the indian ( as in India) remedies is a bit of raw turmeric ,in a bit of milk, about 5 tablespoons, boil it and have it...don't worry you'll survive..we still have the largest population in the world...

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