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Heavenletter #1070


As You See

Heavenletter #1070 Published on: September 26, 2003
God said:

If you were free, you would be free to love.

The bounds the world has set and you have accepted keep you back from the fullness of love that beats in your heart. If only you could know the power of love that is yours, you would turn the world on end. You would listen less to world thoughts, and the world would listen more to you. It would have no choice but to rise to your level. Did you not know that you are the leveler of the world. With one thought, you lift it up or you pull it down. The revolving world can hardly stay the same.

The nature of life is to progress. Real progress comes from the opening of your heart. What in the world would not be wonderful when all hearts on earth were opened to the fullness of themselves?

It is difficult to not be squeamish about others on earth when you are squeamish about yourself. You test yourself much of the time, and you test others the same. You set standards, often meaningless, but set nevertheless. All the categories you make and all the demerits you give.

What if you could only give merit? Wouldn't that be a novelty?

Today let no word pass your lips that is not wholesome, accepting, and non-corrective about yourself or another. You set the timbre of the world. Whatever you think, you influence the world.

Now influence it to be the way you want it to be.

I love you. I see your beauty and wonder and grace. I love the world. I see its beauty and its wonder and its grace.

I am not unaware of how worldly life looks to you and what it seems to be, but I can see only Truth, and I see the Truth of you and the Truth of the world. I note your light, and I see Myself in it.

When I created Creation, I looked and saw it was good. I do not regret. Why do you? Why harp on all the so-called errors you have made and are yet to make? When you are in the ocean, you are naturally going to splash water. Why cry about that? The ocean lasts. The splashes do not.

Everything you rue has another side to it. Look at that side. Hold that before you.

Do not deny life or section it off. When you regret, you are lopsided in life.

But even your regrets can lead you to greater fields, especially when you let go of the regrets. You have other things to remember besides all that you regret. Me, for instance, and the Truth of you. Now is time for you to remember what is important to remember.

What nonsense is this to negate My Creation. Improve the world by loving it as I do love it. Improve yourself by loving yourself as I do love you. Improve your neighbor by loving him as I do love him.

The more you open your heart, the more you love. The more you love, the greater boon you are to the world and yourself and to the generations that follow.

You are a traveler on earth, but you are more than a traveler. You are a trusted inheritor, inhabitor, and bequeather. You who occupy the earth are a tenant on it. I do not rent out the earth to just anyone. Only the holy.

Uphold the earth you lease with all the love in your heart and you will begin to see anew, and you will begin to see what you have glanced over before. Begin to see now.


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